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The Condition of The Working Class In Iran

Nivîskar : Cosroe Chaqueri
Weşan : European Committee For The Defence of Democratic Rights of Workers in Iran Tarîx & Cîh : 1978, Florence
Pêşgotin : Rûpel : 476
Wergêr : ISBN :
Ziman : Almanî, Îngilîzî, FransizîEbad : 150x205 mm
Hejmara FIKP : Liv. Ang. Cha. Sit. Gen. 457Mijar : Giştî

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The Condition of The Working Class In Iran

The Condition of The Working Class In Iran

Cosroe Chaqueri

European Committee

That Iran has yet to know democracy needs hardly any mention; that she has suffered the most destructive blows at the hands of the ferocious dictatorship1 of the Pahlavis ever since the coup d'état of 1921 is also too well-known; that the opposition in Iran has fought this regime with its meagre means so as to bring about changes is public knowledge as well. What has, however, remained obscure is the conditions of the working masses in that country. No doubt the Left is to be blamed for that! For even at the time when it Was at the apex of its "gauchisme" — to the point of complete paralysis, — it was not as concerned with the fate of the working class as it should have been. The "gauchisme" was disruptive, not constructive ; it was blind refusal of the historical possibility to do what it had claimed. It was not at the service of the working masses; it only paid them lip-service.

As a result, no effort was ever made to know the historical conditions of the genesis and development of this class. Nor was its real struggle even studied, appraised, or used as a lesson.


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