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The Kurds: Essays on History and Culture

Auteur : Knyaz Mirzoyev
Éditeur : Iscander Date & Lieu : 2003, Almaty
Préface : Pages : 288
Traduction : ISBN : 9965-00-833-7
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 140x195 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Mir. Kur. N° 4735Thème : Général

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The Kurds: Essays on History and Culture

The Kurds: Essays on History and Culture

Knyaz Mirzoyev


This book by the Academician of the International Academy of the Higher school, Doctor of Philology, Professor K.I.Mirzoyev is devoted to the history, culture, language, literature, traditions and customs, folklore and written monuments of one of the most ancient nations of the Eastern world.
“The Kurds: Essays on History and Culture” is a popular scientific publication intended for philologists, sociologists, historians, culturologists, and also for a wide range of readers, wishing to learn as much as possible about the Kurds, a people of many millions, who nowadays inhabit the territory of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, the countries of the former Soviet Union and other regions.


Knyaz Mirzoyev

The Kurds: Essays on History and Culture


Printing house: “Iscander”
The Kurds: Essays on History and Culture
Knyaz Mirzoyev

Almaty, 2003

ББК 63.3(2)
M 63

Authorized translation: L. A. Balayan
Technical editor: F. L. Delany - (England)

M 63 Mirzoyev Knyaz Ibrahimovich,
The Kurds.Essays on History and Culture. -Almaty, 2003. - 285 p.
ISBN 9965-00-833-7

ББК 63.3(2)
M= 0503020000 / 00(05)-03

ISBN 9965-520-76-3 (Pyc)
ISBN 9965-00-833-7 (Aheji)

© K.I. Mirzoyev, 2001
© K. Mirzoyev, 2003

the Doctor of Philosophy, Professor A.Sh.Ishmukhamedov;
the Doctor of Philology, Professor U.K. Kumisbayev.

Editor - in - Chief: N.K. Nadirov
Translator and Editor: L. A. Balayan
Technical Editor: F.L. Delany (England)
Artists: Ospanov B.E., Zhamankarayev S.K.
Imposition: A. B. Rakhmetova
Design: Ye.Isakova

Passed for printing 28. 04. 2003.
18,2 of Registered publicated pages
20,0 of Conventionaly printed pages
Format: 84 x 108 1/32
Set: “Times”
Circulation: 2000 copies

Printing house: “ISCANDER”
Address: Furmanov Street, 103

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