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Germany and Genocide in Iraq

Éditeur : Society for Threatened Peoples Date & Lieu : 1991, Göttingen
Préface : Pages : 56
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Langue : AnglaisFormat : 210x297 mm
Code FIKP : br.ang.1209Thème : Politique

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Germany and Genocide in Iraq

GERMANY AND GENOCIDE IN IRAQ: persecution and extermination of Kurds and Assyrian Christians

Germany must live up to its evident responsibilities
(Some initiatives, campaigns and actions of the Gesellschaft für bedrohte Volker)

presented at a Press Conference on 25 Feb. 1991 in Jerusalem

When in January 1991, after the beginning of the Second Gulf War Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussein started menacing Israel with missiles and Israel indeed became victim of the Iraqi aggression, an outcry of horror went around the world. One was expecting poison gas attacks at any hour and Israel then was not prepared for appropriate defence against the death bearing missiles.

Since 1983/84 the American State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency CIA, the BBC, the Jerusalem Post, amongst others, had pointed out that German companies especially Karl Kolb Ltd. and its daughter Pilot Plant of Dreieich were in the frontline in building up chemical weapons industries in Iraq. The near hysterical mass-tourism of German politicians to Israel after that, amongst them Hans Jochen Vogel, leader of the Social Democratic Party, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Liberal leader and Foreign Minister, and Christian Democratic Mrs. Rita Sussmuth, President of the German Bundestag, bore witness to the latent bad conscience of German politicians...

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