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Forced Immigration and Its Effects: Diyarbakir

Éditeur : Compte d'auteur Date & Lieu : 2006, Diyarbakır
Préface : Pages : 109
Traduction : ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 210x297 mm
Thème : Sociologie

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Forced Immigration and Its Effects: Diyarbakir



The Development Centre is a non-profit working group aiming at conducting research in rural and urban areas where development needs are most urgent, developing projects and realistic and replicable models in the field context and hence generating long-lasting impact on all relevant sections of society. The centre was established in Diyarbakır in October 2004.

Why a survey on the process of forced migration?

We believe that social and economic problems faced in Diyarbakır mostly derive from forced migration. Although about 15 years have passed since the process of forced migration first started, its impacts are still felt and problems it generated turn into permanent ones by gaining further depth. Thus we decided to make this situation more visible by sharing the findings of this survey and to make a call on authorities to take action to fulfill their responsibilities to improve the present situation.

All members and volunteers of the Development Centre took part in the process of survey and writing of this report.

Many persons, impossible to cite their names here, have contributed to this work voluntarily. We thank them all for being with us and contributing to our work.

We are particularly grateful to the members of Aziziye and Benusen “White Butterfly” laundrettes, “Gleam of Hope” Women Cooperative, neighbourhood dwellers who welcomed us throughout the field survey as well as headmen of these neighbourhoods.

Our thanks are also due to Ayşe Gündüz Hoşgör from the METU for her voluntary contributions to survey design and statistics and to Özgür Arun for his help in transforming collected data into meaningful tables.

Special thanks to Şemsa Özar from the Boğaziçi University who spent days and nights voluntarily working with us at all stages of the survey.

The Diyarbakır Chamber of Industry and Commerce made their conference halls open for the workshop on 31 May 2006 when we presented the draft of this survey to audience and İlhan Diken, Deputy Mayor of Diyarbakır Greater Municipality made the opening speech of the workshop. We thank both of them and to all participants, including Dilek Kurban from the TESEV who were present at the workshop.

We are also grateful to the UNDP Representation in Turkey who contributed to the printing of Turkish and English editions of the survey.

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