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A brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire

Éditeur : Princeton University Press Date & Lieu : 2008, New Jersey
Préface : Pages : 250
Traduction : ISBN : 978-0-691-13452-9
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 154x233 mm
Thème : Histoire

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A brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire

A brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire

Names and titles in Ottoman Turkish are rendered according to modern Turkish usage and not by strict transliteration. Arabic names and titles are transliterated according to a slightly simplified system based on that of the International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (IJMES). For geographical names frequently encountered in material in the English language, common English usage is preferred. Thus we have Damascus, Monastir, and Salonica, not Dimashq, Bitola, and Thessaloniki. For all other place names, to avoid confusion, the designations current in the contemporary successor states of the Balkans and Near East have been employed. In accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style, foreign terms are italicized only on their first appearance. Gregorian equivalents of both Muslim Hicrî (Hijrī) and the Rumî (Rūmī) dates are provided in square brackets where considered necessary. The Hicrî calendar is lunar and starts from the Hijra in a.d. 622; the Rumî calendar was a solar version of the Hicrî calendar based on the Julian calendar.

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