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The European Union, Turkey and Islam

Éditeur : Amsterdam University Press Date & Lieu : 2004, Amsterdam
Préface : Pages : 176
Traduction : ISBN : 90-5356-692-9
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 160x240 mm
Thème : Politique

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The European Union, Turkey and Islam

The European Union, Turkey and Islam

Officially, Islam does not play a role in the decision whether to accept Turkey as a member state of the European Union (eu). Yet many people wonder if a Muslim country such as Turkey would really fit into the European Union. Is Turkish Islam compatible with democracy, human rights and the separation of state and religion? The central question of this report, therefore, is whether the fact that the majority of its population is Muslim forms a hindrance to Turkish accession to the European Union. This report is a full translation of De Europese Unie, Turkije en de islam, that was officially presented to the Dutch government on 21 June 2004 by the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy. The Council is an independent advisory body for the Dutch government which provides sollicited and unsollicited advise on developments which may affect society in the long term (see also:

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