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Kurdish Culture and Society

Éditeur : Greenwood Press Date & Lieu : 2001-01-01, Connecticut
Préface : Pages : 384
Traduction : ISBN : 0-313-31543-4
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 90x135 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Ang. 2182Thème : Général

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Kurdish Culture and Society

Kurdish Culture and Society: An Annotated Bibliography

This is the first comprehensive annotated bibliography exclusively devoted to Kurdish culture and society. It includes entries in many areas including but not limited to anthropology, archaeology, art, communication, demography, description and travel, economy, education, ethnicity, folklore, health conditions, journalism, language, literature, migration, music, religion, social structure and organization, urbanization, and women. It also includes entries on the Kurds in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, former Soviet Union, Europe and other countries of the world. These topics have been selected for two main reasons: first, they need more attention from bibliographers and, second, locating published information on these topics is not an easy task, particularly because such information is highly diverse (e.g., in terms of language and country of publication) and very much scattered (see below). This bibliography will assist researchers and other readers to locate relevant published information very easily and efficiently. It will fill a major gap in the Kurdish, Middle Eastern, and world library.

Literature on the aforementioned topics was covered in a number of previously published comprehensive bibliographies; however, each of these bibliographies has a number of disadvantages in comparison to this project. For example, ISK's Kurdish Bibliography, one of the earliest and most exhaustive bibliographies on the Kurds and Kurdistan with 9,350 entries in more than twenty languages, did include material on Kurdish culture and society. However, none of the bibliography's entries is annotated and its only index—a subject index—is not sufficiently detailed to provide good levels of precision and recall. Also, the work is now very much in need of an update.

Another comprehensive bibliography on the Kurds and Kurdistan was compiled by Joyce Blau. Her work is a collection of short reviews of books and articles on the Kurds and Kurdistan which have appeared in Abstracta Iranica between 1977 and 1987. Many of the annotations were originally written by Blau herself. The book is considered the first comprehensive annotated bibliography  to cover works on Kurdish language, history, literature and culture in all parts of Kurdistan. It includes an impressive number of publications in Kurdish. It further includes works in Persian, Turkish, and some East and West European languages. Blau's bibliography, however, is weak in its coverage of Arabic, English, French, and German materials. The bibliography moreover does not cover materials published before 1977. An update to Blau's bibliography was compiled in 1996 by Gilet and Beriel, yet, the problem of poor coverage of Arabic, English, French, and German materials persisted. In addition, there were very few items included in this bibliography covering the period after 1993...

Lokman I. Meho
Chapel Hill, NC

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