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The Legal Dimensions of Oil and Gas in Iraq

Author : Rex J. Zedalis
Editor : Cambridge University Press Date & Place : 2009, Cambridge
Preface : R. Dobie Langenkamp Pages : 335
Traduction : ISBN : 978-0-521-76661-6
Language : EnglishFormat : 145x230 mm
Theme : Politics

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The Legal Dimensions of Oil and Gas in Iraq

The Legal Dimensions of Oil and Gas in Iraq: Current Reality and Future Prospects

This book is the first and only comprehensive examination of current and future legal principles designed to govern oil and gas activity in Iraq. This study provides a thorough-going review of every conceivable angle on Iraqi oil and gas law, from relevant provisions of the Iraqi Constitution of 2005; to legislative measures comprising the oil and gas framework law, the revenuesharing law, and the laws to reconstitute the Iraq National Oil Company and reorganize the Ministry of Oil; to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s 2007 Oil and Gas Law No. (22) and its accompanying Model Production Sharing Contract; and to the apposite rules of international law distilled from both controlling UN resolutions addressing Iraq and more generally applicable principles of international law. This text is essential to the reading collection of every practitioner, business executive, government official, academic, public policy maven, and individual citizen with an interest in the details and controversial aspects of Iraqi energy law.

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