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Radical Politics in Modern Turkey - XIV

Auteur : Jacob M. Landau
Éditeur : Brill Date & Lieu : 1974, Leiden
Préface : Pages : 316
Traduction : ISBN : 90 04 04016 1
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 155x225 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Ang. Lan. Rad. 3614Thème : Général

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Radical Politics in Modern Turkey - XIV

Radical Politics in Modern Turkey - XIV

Jacob M. Landau

E. J. Brill

The fact that the active and organized involvement of radical movements in Turkish politics is a recent development renders its investigation difficult. To be meaningful, the terms “Left,” “Right,” and “Islamist” have to relate to specific situations, and against a background of freedom of action. In Turkey, therefore, the main field of study should be the years following the I960 Revolution — the period which is the main concern of this book.

Professor Landau is the author of: Parliaments and Parties in Egypt (New York, Praeger: 1954). Studies in the Arab Theatre and Cinema (Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press: 1958). The Israeli Communist Party and the Elections for the Fifth Knesset, 1961 (together with M. M. Czudnowski, Stanford, The Hoover Institution: 1965). Arabische Literaturgeschichte (together with H. A. R. Gibb, Zurich, Artemis Verlag: 1968). Jews in Nineteenth-Century Egypt (New York, New York University Press: 1969). The Arabs in Israel: A Political Study (London, Oxford University Press for the Royal Institute of International Affairs: 1970). The Hejaz Railway and the Muslim Pilgrimage: A Case of Ottoman Political Propaganda (Detroit, Wayne State University Press: 1971). Middle Eastern Themes: Papers in History and Politics (London, Frank Cass: 1973). He has edited: Israel (Nürnberg, Glock und Lutz Verlag: 1970) and Man, State and Society in the Contemporary Middle East (New York, Praeger: 1972)


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