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Assassins of the Turquoise Palace

Auteur : Roya Hakakian
Éditeur : Grove Press Date & Lieu : 2011, New York
Préface : Pages : 322
Traduction : ISBN : 13: 978-0-8021-1911-7
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 150x215 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Hak. Ass. 4738Thème : Politique

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Assassins of the Turquoise Palace

Assassins of the Turquoise Palace

Roya Hakakian

Grove Press

"Even as they continue to breach every known international law, all the while protesting at interventions in their ‘internal affairs,’ the theocrats in Tehran stand convicted of mounting murderous interventions in the affairs of others. Roya Hakakian’s beautiful book mercilessly exposes just one of these crimes, and stands as tribute to the courageous dissidents and lawyers who managed one of that rarest of human achievements; an authentic victory for truth and justice. May its publication speed the day when the mullahs stand in the dock, and when the civilized people of Persia gain control of their own destiny."

Christopher Hitchens

Roya Hakakian is a former associate producer at CBS’s 60 Minutes and a recipient of Guggenheim Fellowship in nonfiction. She is the author of two books of poetry in Persian and the acclaimed memoir Journey from the Land of No. Her opinions and essays have appeared in numerous publications, including National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. She lives in Connecticut.


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