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Settlement Wars

Auteur : Joost Jongerden
Éditeur : Wageningen Universiteit Date & Lieu : 2006, Wageningen
Préface : Pages : 240
Traduction : ISBN : 90-8504-370-0
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 150x230 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Jon. Set. 929Thème : Général

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Settlement Wars

Settlement Wars

Joost Jongerden

Wageningen Universiteit

The research for this thesis was conducted during the period 2002 - 2005, although its origins date back several years before that. In the summer of 1996, over the weekend of June 3-4, the United Nations Conference on Human Setdements (Habitat) assembled in Istanbul to “endorse the universal goals of ensuring adequate shelter for all and making human setdement safer, healthier, and more livable, equitable, sustainable and productive”. Delegations to the UN Habitat Conference in Istanbul presented their governments’ ‘national reports’ on how to provide adequate shelter, stimulate social development, eradicate poverty, protect the environment and develop the economy, all while adhering to good governance. The National Report and Action Rian prepared by the host country, Turkey, unfolded its plan for the development of a peaceful and stable city life, the ...

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