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Turkey's struggle with Democracy and Kurds

Auteur : Erik Sauar
Éditeur : Norwegian University Date & Lieu : 1996, Trondheim
Préface : Pages : 162
Traduction : ISBN : 82-91782-00-8
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 170x235 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Sau. Tur. 3925Thème : Politique

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Turkey's struggle with Democracy and Kurds

Turkey's struggle with Democracy and Kurds

Erik Sauar

Norwegian University

It is always a privilege to be a guest among Kurds and Turks. The way I have been received, and the confidence people have given me has been so overwhelming, that to describe it in a few lines is hardly possible. Unfortunately, due to the strict regulations in Norway on visas to citizens of Turkey and the cost of transport involved, I will probably never have the chance to serve my many hosts as they have served me. Considering this lack of opportunity for expressing my sincere gratitude, it is even more unfortunate that I can not even give them my symbolic gratitude here in the thesis. Due to security precautions, their names must remain absent.

Some institutions however, can still be thanked. During my fieldwork, The Norwegian Institute for Human Rights provided me with some interesting tasks related to the "Oslo Seminar on the Human Rights situation in areas inhabited by Kurdish groups" arranged in September 1995. This both helped financing my costs and gave me access to parts of the Turkish society which could otherwise have been closed. The Kurdish Institute of Paris ...

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