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Iraqi Kurdistan

Nivîskar : A. de Boer | M. Leezenberg
Weşan : Netherlands Kurdistan Society Tarîx & Cîh : 1993, Amsterdam
Pêşgotin : Rûpel : 100
Wergêr : ISBN : 90-74666-02-7
Ziman : ÎngilîzîEbad : 170x240 mm
Hejmara FIKP : Liv. Eng. Boe. Ira. N°83Mijar : Giştî

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Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan

A. de Boer,
M. Leezenberg

Netherlands Kurdistan Society

The international conference 'Iraqi Kurdistan: The Need for Continuing Support and Development' was held October 10-12, 1993, in Brussels, Belgium. It was organized by the Netherlands Kurdistan Society, in cooperation with the Kurdistan Flanders Committee, and received financial support of the Commission of the European Communities, Dutch Interchurch Aid, CEBEMO, and the Belgian National Committee for Development Cooperation (NCOS). This conference was intended as part of the follow-up to the conference "The Reconstruction and Development of Iraqi Kurdistan', which had been held in Zeist, The Netherlands, a year earlier. The present volume can likewise be seen as a sequel to the former conference's proceedings, The Reconstruction and Economic Development of Iraqi Kurdistan: Challenges and Perspectives. There are some differences in emphasis, however. Whereas the Zeist conference had focused on the presentation of basic information and the assessment of possible approaches and main obstacles to the reconstruction and development of Iraqi Kurdistan, the meeting in Brussels dealt mainly with exchanging experiences of cooperation between the Kurdish and European partners, and seeking ways of promoting and improving such cooperation in the future. Much time was ...

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