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Saddam’s Iraq, Revolution or Reaction?

Auteur : CARDRI
Éditeur : Zed Books Date & Lieu : 1989, London & New Jersey
Préface : Ann Clwyd Pages : 266
Traduction : ISBN : 90-74666-01-9
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 135x215 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Car. Sad. N°1312Thème : Politique

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Saddam’s Iraq, Revolution or Reaction?

Saddam’s Iraq, Revolution or Reaction?


Zed Books

How does the Ba'thist government in Iraq maintain itself in power, despite its catastrophic record? This new edition of CARDRI's classic study of Iraq addresses this increasingly crucial question. It surveys Iraq's political history from the late 19th century to the present, looking at key aspects of a country that is potentially the world's second largest oil producer.

Updated to cover the end of the war, the role of Europeon and other arms suppliers and the issue of chemical weapons, the book also examines the changes the conflict has bought about in Iraqi society and the broader international context, notably Iraq's role within OPEC.

Saddam's Iraq provides a comprehensive account of Iraq. The authors, leading specialists, academics, journalists and researchers, cover all the issues, extending from the regime's shifting economic emphasis and the changing nature of the army to human rights and international relations. There are chapters on the opposition, notably the Kurds, the Communist Party, Islamic movements and Arab nationalism. The position of Iraqi women is also examined in detail.

'This book should be studied in every foreign office, by the diplomatic editors of all newspapers, by every IMP concerned about the Middle East and by all who wish to see freedom and justice in the world. It is a classic which no one who seeks the truth about the Middle East can ignore'
Lord Fenner Brockway

'A helpful guide to all who seek a clearer insight into the tragedy of Iraq today'
Donald Anderson MP

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