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Unholy Babylon, the Secret History of Saddam’s War

Éditeur : Victor Gollancz Date & Lieu : 1991, London
Préface : Pages : 336
Traduction : ISBN : 0 575 05054 3
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 150x235 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Dar. Unh. N°2197Thème : Politique

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Unholy Babylon, the Secret History of Saddam’s War

Unholy Babylon, the Secret History of Saddam’s War

Adel Darwish
Gregory Alexander

Victor Gollancz

World leaders greeted Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait with astonished outrage, discovering a spirit of unity seldom seen in international politics. Yet only a few days before, top advisers in London, Cairo and Washington had decided to play down intelligence reports of just such an attack.

Unholy Babylon contains an impressive array of little-known facts which show how the West sleepwalked into helping a monstrous regime hold the world to ransom. The authors, who were researching the book before the invasion, demonstrate that the events of 2nd August 1990 were the logical conclusion to twenty' years of diplomatic duplicity, intelligence bungling, greed and corruption, particularly on the part of Britain, the US, France and Germany. The pursuit of short-sighted and relentlessly self-interested foreign policies led them to arm Hussein with a terrifying arsenal capable of mass destruction while overlooking his deplorable record on human rights and the legitimate interests of other states in the area.

Closely associated with events in the region, Adel Darwish and Gregory Alexander delve deeply into the secret history of Saddam’s War. Their revelations are crucial to any understanding of the Gulf Crisis and to the future conduct of foreign policy in the Middle East.

Adel Darwish is an Egyptian-born investigative journalist and a Middle East correspondent for the Independent. He has many years’ experience covering major events in the region, including the Gulf War, and has written for a number of British and American newspapers, as well as for specialist reports. He contributes regularly to the Economist and Index on Censorship.

Gregory Alexander is the pseudonym of a defence journalist who previously spent eight years in the international defence industry and has served as an officer in the British Army in the Far and Middle East. Now specialising in the international arms business, he is also the author of two books on military history.


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