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Enfoques - n° 7

Éditeur : CEAMO Date & Lieu : 1985, Miramar - Cuba
Préface : Pages : 72
Traduction : ISBN :
Langue : Anglais, EspagnolFormat : 145x210 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Spa. Gen. Cor. Fue. N° 2072Thème : Général

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Enfoques - n° 7

Enfoques - n° 7

Zelmys M. Domínguez Cortina
Luis Mesa Delmonte


This paper intends to bring to light first, the economic and atrategic importanca of the Arabian-Persian Gulf for U.S. policy toward the Ulddle East and second how U.S policy endeavours itself in an ever-escalating arma buildup whioh ever more endangers human aurvival.

The Rapid Deployment Poroes (R.D.P.) will also be taken into consideration within the U.S. atrategic in the Gulf: objectives, characteriatics, attitude of same Arab countries of this zone and U.S. position.

The Arabian-Persian Gulf has been considerad as vital to U.S. strategic and economio interests.
Prom the economio point of view the Gulf playa an important role for it constitutes the main energetic aupply source to fuel the developed capitalist economies.

From the military strategic viewpont, the Arabian-Persian Gulf has still remained for the imperialist plans as an important zone where the "communist expansion" should be avoided and the Soviets prevented from "occupying oil wells". For that purpose imperialists has designed and implemented various plana in order to reinforce some of its local allies militarily.

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