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Hollow Victory: A Contrary View of the Gulf War

Auteur : Jeffrey Record
Éditeur : Brassey’s (US) Date & Lieu : 1993, Washington & New York & London
Préface : Pages : 186
Traduction : ISBN : 0-02-881046-5
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 150x215 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Rec. Hol. N° 3136Thème : Général

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Hollow Victory: A Contrary View of the Gulf War

Hollow Victory: A Contrary View of the Gulf War

Jeffrey Record

Brassey’s (US)

“A comprehensive and exhaustively documented commentary on important political, military, and strategic questions relating to the Persian Gulf Conflict. This well-written and eminently readable book makes an important contribution to an understanding of that conflict and its aftermath.” -Sen. Sam Nunn

“Sure to stoke the fires of debate on the Gulf War and its broader implications for U.S. foreign policy. Mr. Record is not afraid to draw the controversial conclusions to shed light on a conflict that has thus far not been fully exposed. Hollow Victory is fresh, thought-provoking, and informative. It adds much to the continuing debate on America’s most recent war.” - Sen. William S. Cohen

“A splendid analytical account of the war because he asked all the right questions. Was Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait inevitable? Why didn’t Saddam Hussein duck the most telegraphed punch in recent military history? Did George Bush end the war too soon? Are the lessons of this war applicable to future likely conflicts? Even veteran pundits will learn a great deal from this book. No library on the war will be complete without it.”
- Bob Zelnick
ABC News

Jeffrey Record, a nationally recognized defense thinker, is now a U.S. Senate aide. Over the past twenty years, he has served as legislative assistant to Sen. Sam Nunn, a columnist for the Baltimore Sun, and policy analyst at the Brookings Institution, the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, the Hudson Institute, and BDM International. Dr. Record has written hundreds of articles on defense matters and three books published by Brassey’s: Revising U.S. Military Strategy: Tailoring Means to Ends (1984), Determining Future U.S. Tactical Airlift Requirements (1987), and Beyond Military Reform: American Defense Dilemmas (1988). He lives in Arlington, Virginia.

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