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Cases against Turkey Declared Inadmissible

Éditeur : Compte d'auteur Date & Lieu : 1998, London
Préface : Pages : 150
Traduction : ISBN : 1 900175 19 3
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 210x295 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Khr. Cas. (1) N° 3985Thème : Général

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Cases against Turkey Declared Inadmissible

Cases against Turkey Declared Inadmissible

Kurdish Human Rights Project

Compte d’auteur

Inadmissibility rules under the Convention: law and practice
Cases can be declared inadmissible under different heads, as explained below.

I. Firstly, the Commission will decide whether it is competent to examine a particular complaint.

(a) The question of 'who is entitled to bring a claim against who?' is dealt with under the head of'admissibility ratione personae'.

The rule is that complaints under the European Convention of Human Rights (the Convention) can only be brought by "a person, non-governmental organisation or group of individuals claiming to be a victim of a violation" of a Convention right, (article 25(1) of the Convention)". Moreover, complaints can only be brought against the State itself or state bodies such as courts, security forces or local government.

Individual complaints against states which have not ratified the Convention or accepted the right of individual petition in accordance with article 25 will also be rejected on this ground. Furthermore, an applicant must claim to be a victim of the alleged violation and must therefore be affected by the matter complained of.

In the case of Zengin v Turkey4, the complaint concerned the right of a trade-union (Egit-Sen) of which the applicant was an active member. Unfortunately, the applicant failed to submit a power enabling her to represent the Union before ...

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