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Literature About the Kurds

Éditeur : Mezopotamya Date & Lieu : 1993, Berlin
Préface : Pages : 152
Traduction : ISBN : 91-971307-2-9
Langue : Allemand, Anglais, SuèdoisFormat : 145x215mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Ger. Swe. Kl. N° 2571Thème : Littérature

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Literature About the Kurds

Literature About the Kurds

Nedim Dağdeviren


Our aim is to make Kurdish literature -books in Kurdish and books about Kurds- available for those who are interested. I'hat is why we are publishing this eatalouge.
For nearly twenty years Sweden has offered a refuge for Kurdish literature in exile. In no other county are there as many publichers as there are in Sweden.
In Turkey, legislation prohibiting the use of the Kurdish language in spoken and written form was repealed in 1991 Neverthless the tradition of political and cultural oppression lives on and military censorship has in tact escalated. In spite ot this there has been an enormous increase in the amount ot Kurdish literature published. This is even true of publishing in Turkey.
In this our first eatalouge we have endeavoured to include books from as many fields as possible, both regardin subject and language, original editions as well as translations from and into Kurdish. The eatalouge is not affected by any geographical limitations. Here you will find writers who works in such widle diffe-
rent places as Uppsala and Sydney, and book published in Diyarbakir and Brussels. However, some practical restrictions should be noted and must be explained. There are no books at all in the Sorani dialect. The literature in this language is so vast that it requires acatalouge ot its own, something we are planning to return to. On the otherhand, our list includes books in Dimili. However, these are few ...

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