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A Brief Bibliography of Kurdistan and the Kurds

Auteur : Jawad Mella
Éditeur : Date & Lieu : 2014, London
Préface : Pages : 228
Traduction : ISBN : 09529951 1 5
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 210x295mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Mer. Bib N° 1395Thème : Général

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A Brief Bibliography of Kurdistan and the Kurds

A Brief Bibliography of Kurdistan and the Kurds

Jawad Mella

WKA and Kurdish Museum

The situation in Western Kurdistan faces, as it has always done, a political and media blackout by the Syrian regime. However, in order to clarify the situation in Western Kurdistan we would like to give you a brief account of the Kurdish question in general.
As we mentioned earlier the Franco-Turkish agreement (Ankara Treaty 1921) set the boundary which separated Western Kurdistan from the motherland Kurdistan. As a result thousands of families were divided. Those on the northern side of the railway line came under Turkish occupation (and in fact are regarded as Turks by the Turkish regime), and those on the southern side of the railway line came under the Syrian occupation, whose population now is more than five millions, (and in fact are regarded as Arabs by the Syrian regime).
The Kurds in Syria during the twenties and thirties enjoyed some extent press and publishing freedom as Ronahi and Hawar Newspaper, and had their own centres as Kurdistan Club in Damascus and many organisations as Khoybun Party, under the French mandate. But when Syria got independence in 1946 and Arabs controlled ...

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