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The Arab Emirates in Bagratid Armenia

Éditeur : Livraria Bertrand Date & Lieu : 1976, Lisbon
Préface : Pages : 246
Traduction : Nina G. Garsoïan ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 180x250 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Ghe. Ara N° 448Thème : Général

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The Arab Emirates in Bagratid Armenia

The Arab Emirates in Bagratid Armenia

Aram Ter-Ghewondyan

Livraria Bertrand

The problem of the study of the Arab emirates in Bagratid Armenia is connected on the one hand with the period of the Arab domination in Armenia, and on the other, with the history of the Bagratid kingdom. Consequently, we must use the sources relating to the one and the other as the bases for this study. Among these are to be found literary (Armenian, Arabic, Byzantine, etc.), epigraphic (Armenian, some Arabic), numismatic (Arabic), and archaeological (Dwin, Ani, etc.) materials.
Among literary sources, the first place evidently belongs to the Armenian V histories, especially to those of the seventh to the eleventh century.
The earliest historical source relating to our subject is the History of the seventh century known under the name of Sebêos. Even though no doubts have been expressed concerning the date of this History, the identity of the author has been open to considerable question. According to Kr. Patkanyan, the first and second sections of this History are not the work of Sebêos (1), and the opinion ...

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