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Violence in the Name of Honour

Éditeur : Bilgi University Date & Lieu : 2004-11-01, İstanbul
Préface : Pages : 254
Traduction : ISBN : 975-6857-98-6
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 160x230mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Moj. Vio. N° 264Thème : Général

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Violence in the Name of Honour

Violence in the Name of Honour

Shahrzad Mojab
Nahla Abdo

Bilgi University Press

Honour violence is a phenomenon that occurs world-wide. In these violent acts, women are punished for alleged violations of family ‘honour’, suche punishment in its most extreme verity taking the form of murder. 
This book is the outcome of the International Seminar on Violence in the Name of Honour, a gathering of activists, policy makers, and academircs in Istanbul in 2003. The goal of the Seminar was to engage in a re-thinking of honour killing and to strategize towards global action in combating violence against women. Readers will see thecontributions of this diverse group to a deeper understanding of violence and ways to challenge it.
The book is organized into four sections: ‘Theorietical Explorations of Honour Killing’ provides methodological and theoretical attention to the issue of honour violence; the scond section focuses on the theme of ‘Community Struggle Against Honour Killing’; the third section looks at ‘Community Struggle Against Honour Kiling’; and the fourth section contains a list of recommended resources for the study of honour violence. It will be of interest to policy makers, activists, researchers, feminists, and anyone els interested in the issue of human rights and social justice.

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