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Éditeur : Yale University Press Date & Lieu : 2003-01-01, London
Préface : Michael L. Chyet Pages : 848
Traduction : ISBN : 0-300-09152-4
Langue : Kurde, AnglaisFormat : 220x285 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Ku. En. 7247Thème : Dictionnaires

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Kurdishs-English Dictionary
with selected etymologies by Martin Schwartz

Michael L. Chyet, renowned for his extensive knowledge of the major dialects of Kurdish, provides a thorough documentation of the current state of knowledge about the lexicon of the Kurdish language. Chyet's dictionary focuses on modern use of the Kurmanji dialect of Kurdish, which is spoken in Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and parts of the former Soviet Union. It is the most comprehensive Kurmanji-English volume ever composed. Dictionary entries are extensive and include:

• Detailed etymologies
• Multiple meanings
• Variant forms
• Sample sentences
• Synonyms and inflections

These materials will make the volume an invaluable reference for linguists as well as for historians, anthropologists, folklorists, and ethnologists.

"This is not an ordinary dictionary. R is extraordinary. It is the first and only comprehensive sumup of two centuries of Western and Middle Eastern scholarship on the Kurmanji dialect of Kurdish, spoken by the majority of Kurds, and one of the most repressed languages of the world."—Amir Hassanpour, University of Toronto Michael L. Chyet is cataloger of Middle Eastern languages at the Library of Congress. Formerly he was senior editor of the Kurdish Service of the Voice of America and professor of Kurdish at the University of Paris and at the Washington Kurdish Institute.

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