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Trapped Between the Map and Reality

Éditeur : Routledge Date & Lieu : 2004, New York
Préface : Philip G. KreyenbroekPages : 256
Traduction : ISBN : 0-203-57781-7
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 152x258 mm
Thème : Politique

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Trapped Between the Map and Reality

Geography and Perceptions of Kurdistan

Many people assisted me in so many ways with the preparation of my doctoral thesis, and then with this book. I have acknowledged some of them or their comments in footnotes, although many more must remain unacknowledged. Many people informed my research, directed me, discussed ideas, discovered materials, and procured obscure documents, books, and maps. Others helped in more practical ways, such as with translations, organising travel or offering hospitality in Kurdistan. I owe a great deal to these people, and as some of them would wish to remain anonymous, I hope my many friends and helpers will be contented with the knowledge that I appreciate them and their assistance very much. In particular I have always been touched by generous hospitality in Kurdistan, when there were so many other pressing local concerns. What I have learned about courage, fortitude and acceptance from Kurdish people has been of great help in life these last few years.

The Economics and Social Research Council generously granted me a research studentship, including a year’s maternity leave. Professor Keith McLachlan oversaw several changes in direction, as practical difficulties forced me to explore new research avenues. On his early retirement, Dr. Robert Bradnock was prevailed upon to supervise the completion of a rather disordered thesis. Dr. Bradnock was unstintingly generous with his time, intellectual input, and support. The thesis benefited from many of his insights, as well as his tactful corrections of my prose. Professor Philip Kreyenbroek has been a most generous academic mentor as well as friend.

I would also like to thank my family and friends, who had only half my attention for so long. My husband, Dr. Yadi Jayran-Nejad, has generously supported me in many ways, throughout the many years of research and writing, as well as life’s vagaries. Although sorely tried, he has never failed me.

In this last year I relied much on the emotional and practical support of my friend Michelle Brown, which enabled me to prepare this book.

I should also thank Dr. Stephen Karp and the staff of North Middlesex and Chase Farm Hospitals, for the professional care that has kept me at my desk for the last three years.

Finally, thank you to anyone who has taken the trouble to read this book. I hope it was thought provoking, and that it may serve to stimulate discussion and further research on the Kurds, Kurdistan, and the dilemma of dispossessed peoples.

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