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The Cradle of Mankind -Life in Eastern Kurdistan

Éditeur : A & C Black Date & Lieu : 1922, London
Préface : Pages : 434
Traduction : ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 160x220 mm
Code FIKP : 3521Thème : Histoire

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The Cradle of Mankind -Life in Eastern Kurdistan

The Cradle of Mankind: Life in Eastern Kurdistan

The first sixteen chapters of this book were given to the public in the spring of the year 1914. Since that date the country has acquired an additional interest for Englishmen, owing to the British acceptance of a "mandate" for its supervision and also to the picturesque and heroic part played in the Great War by the "Assyrian" mountaineers. While no attempt has been made to tell the full tale of "England in Irak" it has been thought well to take the opportunity given by the appearance of a second edition, and to bring the story of the Assyrian nation up to the date of writing; and the facts which the two concluding chapters record have been collected and verified during a prolonged personal intercourse with the principal actors on the spot. 1922

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