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The Cambridge History of Iran - IV

Auteur : R. N. Frye
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press Date & Lieu : 1975, Cambridge
Préface : Pages : 698
Traduction : ISBN : 13 978-0-521-20093-6
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 300x455mm
Code FIKP : Liv. En.Thème : Histoire

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The Cambridge History of Iran - IV

The Cambridge History of Iran - IV

R. N. Frye

Cambridge University Pres

The Muslim Arabs' disastrous defeat of the Sāsānian Empire opened a new chapter in the long history of Iran. In distant Hijaz in the city of Mecca, Muhammad b. 'Abd-Allah had given to an idolatrous and strife-ridden people a new religion, which inculcated monotheism, its message coming to Muhammad as Revelation, conveyed to his Community later in the Qur'an, and bade the Arabs to submit as people accountable to God and fearful of his wrath. Some of them were so inspired by this new teaching that they undertook the conquest of the world about them, to achieve at the same time in this holy war the reward of a share in the world to come, Paradise.

Muhammad's death in 11/632 was followed in his successor Abū Bakr's time by a crisis of apostasy, the Ridda, which put both the religion and the government of Medina in jeopardy. The faith and the polity which Muhammad had promulgated there were shaken, but nonetheless the new Islamic vigour was enough to achieve dominion over all the Arabian Peninsula. Once the apostasy had been suppressed, closer unity followed with greater zeal to sacrifice all in a larger struggle. The end of the Ridda wars left the Arabs poised for Holy War for the sake of Islam, ready to challenge even Byzantium and Iran.


Table des Matières


Last of plates page / ix
List of maps / x
Preface / xi

1 The Arab Conquest of Iran and its Aftermath / 1
by 'Abd Al-Husain Zarrinkub, Professor, University of Tehran

2 The 'Abbāsid Caliphate In Iran / 57
by Roy Mottahedeh, Princeton University
3 The Tahirids And Saffarids / 90
by c. E. Bosworth, Professor of Arabic Studies, University of Manchester

4 The Sāmānids / 136
by R. N. Frye, Professor of Iranian, Harvard University

5 The Early Ghaznavids / 162
by c. E. Bosworth

6 The Minor Dynasties of Northern Iran / 198
by W. Madelung, Professor of Islamic History, University of Chicago

7 Iran Under the Būyids / 250
by Heribert Busse, Professor, Christian Albrechts University, Kiel

8 Tribes, Cities And Social Organization / 305
by Claude Cahen, Professor, University of Paris IV

9 The Visual Arts / 329
by Oleg Grabar, Professor of Vine Arts, Harvard University

10 Numismatics / 364
by G. c. Miles, Consultant, American Numismatic Society

11 The Exact Sciences / 378
by E. S. Kennedy, Professor of Mathematics, The American University of Beirut

12 Life Sciences, Alchemy and Medicine / 396
by S. H. Nasr, Professor of Philosophy, University of Tehran; Chancellor, Aryamehr University

13 (a) Philosophy and Cosmology / 419
by s. H. Nasr
(b) Sufism / 442
by s. H. Nasr

14 The Religious Sciences / 464
by s. H. Nasr and M. Mutahhari, Professor of Islamic Philosophy, University of Tehran

15 Sects and Heresies / 481
by B. S. Amoretti, Rome University
16 Nasir-i Khusrau and Iranian Ismā'īlism / 520
by Henry Corbin, Directeur d'Etudes, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris

17 Zoroastrian Literature After the Muslim Conquest / 543
by the late J. de Menasce, O.P.

18 Arabic Literature in Iran / 566
by Victor Danner, Indiana University

19 The Rise of the New Persian Language / 595
by G. Lazard, Professor, University of Paris III

20 (a) The "Rubā'ī" in Early Persian Literature / 633
by L. P. Elwell-Sutton, Edinburgh University
(b) 'Umar Kjhayyam: Astronomer, Mathematician and Poet / 658
by j . A. Boyle, Professor of Persian Studies, University of Manchester

Bibliography / 665
Index / 699

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