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Mehemet, the Kurd

Auteur : Chaeles Wells
Éditeur : Bell and Daldy Date & Lieu : 1865, London
Préface : Pages : 184
Traduction : ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 115x175 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. En.Thème : Littérature

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Mehemet, the Kurd

Mehemet, the Kurd

Chaeles Wells

Bell and Daldy

The Arabic historians relate that many years ago there lived a man of the tribe of the Kurds, of an ancient and illustrious family called Ker Khan. He -was of the nomads, and encamped in the desert, where he was one of the greatest chiefs. God had granted him abundant riches—^great numbers of horses, camels, sheep, and cattle of all kinds—and he showed himself grateful towards God, and appreciated his favours; for his greatest pleasure was in doing good, and he gave much alms to the poor.

Now be it known, the tribe of Ker Khan passed the greater part of the year in the neighbourhood of Aleppo, a charming country where water and pasture are in abundance. One year, by the will of God, the country was desolated by a dreadful famine, and the inhabitants were obliged to travel to other lands for subsistence. Ker Khan was amongst those who left the country, accompanied by the whole of his tribe. They travelled from country to country, and from land to land, until they came to Persia ; and, loving to wander ...

Table des Matières


The Story of Mehemet, the Kurd / 1
The Princess and the Cobbler / 95
The Disputed Maiden / 104
The Invincibleness of Love / 110
The Prince Tailor / 116
The "Wife with Two Husbands / 121
The Tale of a Skull / 128
Turkish Proverbs / 132
A Turkish Love-Letter / 135
Oriental Poetry— / 137
The Bose and the Nightingale / 143
Nuvaz and Bazenda / 164
Love's Power / 171
The Lover to his Heart / 172
The Lover's Farewell / 173
Turkish Love-Song / 174
The Butterfly and the Candle / 176
Serve that King whose Empire knoweth no Decay / 176
The Merry Spring / 177
The Mussulman and the Christian Maid / 180
The Lover's Address to the Love-Letter / 182

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