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Kurdistan and the Kurds

Auteur : Jawad Mella
Éditeur : Xlibris Date & Lieu : 2015, London
Préface : Pages : 372
Traduction : ISBN : 978-1-4990-9653-8
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 150x230 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Ang. Mel. Kur. 4873Thème : Général

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Kurdistan and the Kurds

Kurdistan and the Kurds

Jawad Mella


Since the end of World War I, the Kurds have had no national rights, and their country Kurdistan was divided and occupied by Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria and former Soviet Union as an international colony, and the Kurds have been prosecuted, massacred, assimilated and denied the very basic human rights. Whether the Kurds are demanding full independence or a more limited autonomy or extension of electricity for their villages, in these States the Kurdish people face severe restrictions and harsh oppression. Here is some of what happened to western Kurdistan as an example to the rest of Kurdistan.

The author of this book, the scholar Jawad Mella is a known Kurdish politician. He was born into a Kurdish family thirsty for freedom and emancipation from injustice; an educated family of literature and science. He grew up within this honourable family and carried out political activities since young age so, he became accustomed to imprisonment and detentions.
Jawad Mella was the first who called for a formation of a Kurdistan government in exile and the Kurdistan National Congress in 1985 working to achieve the independence for Kurdistan, that elementary right that does not need any evidence or proof.


Table des Matières


Foreword / ix
The full text of the book: (A Study of Al-Jazeera Province from Ethnic, Social and Political Aspects) / xi

Chapter One: A historical review of the Kurdish problem / 1
Chapter Two: “The Kurdish problem in Al-Jazeera Province” / 18
Chapter Three: Some Kurdish documents and exchanged
letters between the Kurds in all their areas (20) / 35
Chapter Four: The political parties in Al-Jazeera Province (21) / 56
Chapter Five: The Arab Tribal Situation / 75

Chapter Six: The tribal situation and its influence on political tendencies in Al-Jazeera province / 95
The footnotes, comments and analysis / 109
Studies and Documents / 133
Western Kurdistan, Which is occupied by Syria / 133
Notes of Sheikh Umar Gharib about the Book: / 171
Report by the Kurdish Human Rights Commission / 188
The situation in Western Kurdistan before the Uprising / 202

The Great Uprising of 2004 / 213
Charter of the Western Kurdistan Government in Exile / 228
Dr. Ma’shuq Al-Khaznawi / 238
Some of the most wanted criminals in the Syrian regime / 300
Harem Karim interviewed Dr Jawad Mella on 7-12-2011 / 302
Here are some more examples which show more clearly racist and barbaric of the Syrian regime against the Kurdish people / 330
Freedom of all nations / 343

Biography of Dr Jawad Mella / 366
Books, reports and studies of Dr Jawad Mella / 371

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