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The War of Liberation of Iraki Kurdistan

Auteur : Multimedia
Éditeur : MALAA Date & Lieu : 1963, Swîtzerland
Préface : Pages : 40
Traduction : ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 135x180mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Van. War. N° 1734Thème : Général

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The War of Liberation of Iraki Kurdistan

The War of Liberation of Iraki Kurdistan

Ismet Cheriff Vanly


The Kurdish people are one of the most numerous of western Asia and perhaps the most ancient. The Anabasis, the Greek classic of Xenophon, written in 401 B.C., speaks of the Kurdish people under the name of “Kardu,” and locates them in the same country as today, mainly in the valley of the upper Tigris and Zeb rivers. The Kurds had been in this area well before then. After Xenophon, nearly 11 centuries passed before the Moslem Arabs arrived in Syria and Irak, and it was 15 centuries before the first Turks arrived in the country that was to become Turkey. Despite all the invasions of Kurdistan and western Asia, the Kurds maintained intact their language and their national characteristics, thanks to their fierce attachment to their independence and to the mountainous nature of their country.
The Kurds are a people of Indo-European origin and speak ...

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