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Survey of International Affairs 1928

Éditeur : Oxford University Press Date & Lieu : 1929, London
Préface : Pages : 508
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Langue : AnglaisFormat : 140x210mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Toy. Sur. N° Thème : Général

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Survey of International Affairs 1928

Survey of International Affairs 1928

Arnold J. Toynbee

Oxford University

On the principle that every organism has its vspccific diseases, and every soul its besetting sins, a historian might judge that the institution of War was the deadly disease and the sin against the Holy Ghost of human societies in process of civilization. By the year 1928, such experimental societies had been trying and failing to pass the level of Primitive Man, rising a little and then falling back again, coming into existence and passing away, for something like six thousand years ; and it would a])pear from the records of the past that almost every defeat of these Sisyphean labours was traceable to the institution of War as its ultimate cause.

Why had this profoundly important fact attracted relatively little attention and stimulated relatively little effort to eradicate the fatal institution from the life of Mankind? In the first ...

Table des Matières


Part I. World Affairs
A. Disarmament and Security

(i) The General Treaty, Signed in Paris on the 27th August, 1928, for the Renunciation of War
(a) The Institution of War / 1
(b) The Movement of Public Opinion / 10
(c) The Negotiation of the Treaty / 16
(d) The Passage of the Bill for the Construction of Cruisers
through the Congress at Washington / 26
(e) The Ratification by the United States of the General Treaty
for the Renunciation of War / 36

(ii) The Preparatory Commission for the Disarmament Conflmence
(a) The Work of the Commission from April 1927 to September 1928 / 48
(b) The Anglo-French Compromise on the Limitation of Armaments / 61

(iii) The Work of the League of Nations Security Commission (1927-8) / 81
Table showing Expenditure on Armaments of Various Countries. / 93

B. The Constitution and Membership of the League of Nations

(i) Introductory Note / 103
(ii) The Composition of the Council / 109
(iii) The Question of the Functions of the Permanent Mandates Commission / 115
(iv) The Personnel of the Secretariat of the League of Nations / 135
(v) The Budget of the League of Nations / 140

Part II. South-Eastern Europe

(i) Italy and South·Eastern Europe
(a) The Foreign Policy of Italy / 147
(b) Relations between Italy and Jugoslavia / 152
(c) Relatiolls between Italy, Turkey, and Greece / 158

(ii) The Incident Arising Out of the Discovery on the Ist January, 1928, of a Consignment of Machine-Gun Parts at Szent Gotthard on the Austro-Hungarian Frontier / 161
(iii) Tue Controversy Over the Optants in the Ex·Hungarian Territories of Rumania / 168
(iv) Negotiations Bjojtween Greece and Jugoslavia Over Facilities at the Port of Salonica / 183

Part III. The Islamic World

A. The 'Westernization Movement' (1926-8)

(i) Introductory Note / 188
(ii) The Situation of Foreigners / 192
(iii) The Situation of Minorities / 197
(iv) Tue Emancipation of Women / 200
(v) Dress / 202
(vi) Religion / 206
(vii) Literature and Art / 213
(viii) The Adoption of the Latin in Place of the Arabic Alphabet in Turkey and
in the Turkish States Membrs of the U.S.S.R. (1918-28) / 216

B. The Middle East

(i) Relations between Egypt and Great Blutain (1926-8) / 235
(ii) The Delimitation of the Frontier between Italian, Libya and Egypt / 283
(iii) Relations of the Kingdom of Najd·Hijaz with Great Britain and With the Arab Countries under Brutish Mandate or Aegis (1926-8) /284
(iv) The Relations of the Zaydi Imam of San'a with Great Britain and with Italy (1926-8) / 307
(v) Relations Between Ibn Sa'ud, The Idrisi Sayid of Sabya,
and the Zaydi Hram of San'a (1926-8) / 319
(vi) The Signature of an Agreement Between His Britannic Majesty and
His Highness the Amir of Transjordan on the 20th February, 1928 / 321
(vii) Tue Suppression of the Insurrection in the French Man·Dated Territory and
the Consequences on the Border Between Jabalu'd·Duruz and Transjordan (1926-8) / 328
(viii) The Franco·Turkish Controversy Over the Delimitation of the Syro·Turkish Frontier After the Signature of the 'De Jouvenel Agreement' on the 30th May, 1926 / 332
Note on the Delimitation of the Turco.'Iraqi Frontier / 336
(ix) The Regulation of the ontier Between 'Iraq and Syria (1926-8) / 337
(x) The Signature of a Treaty Between Great Britain and
Iraq on the 14th December, 1927 / 339
(xi) Perso·'Iraqi Relations (1926-8) / 342
(xii) Relations Between Persia and the Western Powers (1926-8) / 347
(xiii) Relations of Turkey, Persia, and Afghanistan With the U.S.S.R. and With One Another (1926-8) / 358

Part IV. China

(i) The End of the Civil War between the Kuomintang and the Ankuochun
(Coalition of Northern Tuchuns) and the Beginning of Reconstruction
(a) The Campaign of 1928 / 375
(b) The Situation at the Close of the Civil War between the
Kuomintang and the Ankuochiin / 379
(c) The Beginning of Reconstruction / 387
Note on the Importation of Arms and Munitions into China from Abroad, 1919-29; and on the Arrival of Colonel Bauer in China in the Autumn of 1928 / 395
(d) The Policy of the Kuomintang Government at Nanking to·wards the China Maritime Customs and the Salt Gabelle / 397

(ii) Relations Between China And Foreign Powers
(a) The Despatch of Japanese Defence Forces to the Tsingtao-Tsinanfu
Railway Zone in 1927 and 1928 and the Tsinanfu Incident of May 1928 / 403
(b) The Settlement of the Nanking Inddent of the 24th March, 1927, as between the Kuomintang Government and the Governments of the United States,
Great Britain, France, and Italy / 413
(c) The Progress of Treaty Revision and the Recognition of the Kuomintang Government of the Chinese Republic at Nanking by Foreign Powers / 418
(d) The Economic Rivalry between the Chinese, Japanese, and Russians in Manchuria / 433

(i) Treaty between His Britannic Majesty and His Majesty the King of the Hijaz and of Najd and its Dependencies, signed at Jiddah, 20th May, 1927 / 439
(ii) Treaty between His Britannic Majesty and His Majesty the King of 'Iraq, signed in London, the 14th December, 1927 / 440
(iii) Chronology of Events and Treaties, 1st January-31st December, 1928 / 443

Index 477

North and Central Arabia the Islamic World at the 31st December, 1925
Manchurian Railways
The World on Mol1weide's Projection

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