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The European Union and Turkish Accession

Auteurs : | Mark Muller
Éditeur : Pluto Press Date & Lieu : 2008, London
Préface : Noam Chomsky Pages : 260
Traduction : ISBN : 978-0-7453-2785-3
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 135x215 mm
Thème : Politique

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The European Union and Turkish Accession

The European Union and Turkish Accession: Human Rights and the Kurds
Kerim Yildiz and Mark Muller
Foreword by Noam Chomsky

In 2004, the European Union (EU) delivered the historical and longawaited decision to open the formal accession negotiations with Turkey. The prevailing mood, on both sides, was fi lled with hope, promise and optimism. For Turkey, the decision meant an eagerly anticipated step closer towards membership of the ‘exclusive club’ of Western states. For the EU, the decision enabled it to kick-start the reform process within Turkey. Fast-forward three years later to 2007, and the air of optimism has, unfortunately, faded and been replaced by scepticism, unfulfi lled promises, pessimism and rising tensions.

This book follows the development of the accession process, analysing the various aspects of the negotiations between the EU and Turkey. It expands the viewpoint to provide wider examination of the current accession process, covering civil, political, cultural and minority rights in Turkey; the military and Islamists in Turkish politics; confl ict in the southeast and its international dimension; internal displacements; the Kurdish question, and future considerations of the accession. There is a pressing need for discussion on the issues this book covers because, despite the seemingly rapid reform process since the opening of the accession talks, most of the reforms are yet to be realized. Turkey continues to violate the basic
rights of her citizens and up until now, the lack of commitment towards genuine reforms has been unfortunately explicit in Turkey.

Furthermore, since 2004 there has been a sharp increase in resistance within Europe to Turkey’s accession to the EU, which creates further obstacles on the path towards the membership. Correspondingly, the support for, and trust in, the EU is declining in Turkey, coupled with rising nationalism.

Table des Matières


Map of the area inhabited by Kurds / ix
Acknowledgements / x
Foreword by Noam Chomsky / xi
List of Abbreviations / xviii

Introduction / 1
1. Background / 4
The Kurds / 4
The Turkish Republic / 12

2. Turkey and the EU / 20
The route to accession / 20
The opening of formal EU accession negotiationsv 24
Turkey’s EU bid in a wider political context / 25
Fulfi lment of the Copenhagen Criteria for EU accession? / 29

3. Civil and Political Rights in Turkey / 39
The pro-EU reform process / 40
Torture and ‘zero tolerance’ / 42
Freedom of expression, publishing and the media / 50
Civil society in Turkey / 62
Political participation / 67

4. Cultural and Minority Rights in Turkey / 77
Cultural and linguistic rights / 78
EU reforms / 90
Minority rights standards in Turkey / 93
Defi nitional issues / 98
Substantive rights / 102

5. Confl ict in the Southeast / 106
Origins and development of the confl ict / 106
Resolving the confl ict / 110
The EU and the confl ict in the southeast / 117
The Kurdish question from a Turkish perspective / 122

6. The International Dimension to the confl ict / 126
Turkey and Kurdistan, Iraq / 127
Turkish military activity in Kurdistan, Iraq / 132
Turkey, Iran and Syria / 137

7. The Military and the Islamist Movement / 144
Secularists vs Islamists / 145
The Islamist movement, human rights and the Kurdish issue / 147
The AKP, Turkey and the Military / 148

8. Internal Displacement / 152
Background to displacement / 152
Conditions and diffi culties faced by internally displaced persons / 156
The government response to displacement / 157
State impediments to return / 163
The international response to internal displacement in Turkey / 165

9. The EU and the Kurds / 169
Europe’s role in solving the Kurdish question / 169
Assessment of the EU’s approach / 178
The Kurdish perspective on EU accession / 184
10. The Future of EU Accession / 189
Human Rights and EU Accession / 191
Implications of the Accession Process / 193

Notes / 200
Index / 231

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