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Travels in Mesopotamia II

Auteur : J.S. Buckingham
Éditeur : Henry Colburn Date & Lieu : 1827, London
Préface : Pages : 538
Traduction : ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 135x210 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Pre. Ang. 288Thème : Mémoire

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Travels in Mesopotamia II


Travels in Mesopotamia -2-

J. S. Buckingham

Henry Colburn

Chapter I

From the plain of Sinjar, by Romoila, to Mousul

July 3d. We quitted our station on the plain, just as the moon was setting, and although we had now an additional escort of eighty well-armed and well-mounted men, our whole party did not exceed in number two hundred persons.

Soon after commencing our night-march, going in a direction of east-south-east, we passed over a deep ravine, filled with large basaltic masses, forming a vein in the earth, like the deep and winding bed of a torrent. The rest of our way was over desert ground, though the whole tract was capable of being rendered highly fertile, being covered with a good soil, and intersected by several small rivulets of water.


Table des Matières

Contents of the second volume

Chap. I. From the Plain of Sinjar, by Romoila, to Mousul / 1

Chap. II. Description of Mousul / 26

Chap. III. Visit to the Ruins of Nineveh, and Journey from Mousul to the River Lycu's / 48

Chap. IV. From Ain Koura, by the ancient Arbela, to Kerkook / 92

Chap. V. From Kerkook, by Kiffree, to Kara Tuppe, or the Black Hill / 123

Chap. VI. From Kara Tuppe, by Delhi Abass, to Bagdad / 147

Chap. VII. Description of Bagdad / 175

Chap. VIII. Excursion to Akkerkoof / 217

Chap. IX. Journey from Bagdad to the Ruins of Babylon / 240

Chap. X. Search after the Walls of Babylon / 296

Chap. XI. Visit to the Tower of Babel and Temple of Belus, or the Birs Nimrood / 359

Chap. XII. Observations made at Bagdad / 400

Chap. XIII. Excursion to the Ruins of Ctesiphon and Seleucia / 437

Chap. XIV. Further Stay at Bagdad / 478


Containing a brief statement of the result of certain legal proceedings connected with the literary character of the Author / 553

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