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The Soviet Union and the Kurds

Éditeur : University of Michigan Date & Lieu : 1975, Michigan
Préface : Pages : 682
Traduction : ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 150x205 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Ang. Gen. 413Thème : Histoire

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The Soviet Union and the Kurds

Wilson Nathaniel Howell

The Soviet Union and the Kurds, a study of national minority

University of Michigan


The Kurdish problem gives every indication of remaining a major factor in the chronic instability of the Middle East. A final solution to the difficulties presented by this significant minority and its unrealized aspirations is no closer today than it was at the conclusion of World War I. The most recent manifestation of Kurdish discontent - the four-year-old uprising led by Mullah Mustafa Barzani in Iraqi Kurdistan - has, in fact, exhibited a degree of unity and resiliency absent in previous Kurdish revolts. Despite differences of opinion within the Kurdish leadership and the strenuous efforts of three successive Iraqi regimes to dislodge and defeat the insurgents, Mullah Mustafa's forces are in effective control of a substantial area in northern Iraq. Recent reports on the situation in this region, moreover, indicate the real possibility that armed ...

Table des Matières

Table of contens

Preface / ii-iii
List of Maps / vii
Introduction / 1

Part I. The Kurds...
I. Kurdıstan: The geographic setting / 14
The topography of Kurdistan
A historical approach
An ethnic ppproach
Kurdish nationalist claims

II. The Kurds: Cultural and social aspects / 56
Origin of the Kurds
Numerical strength of the Kurds
Modes of social organization

III. Kurdish politics: An introduction to the national movement / 125
The treaty of Sèvres
Kurdish nationalism: manifestations
Kurdish nationalism: political evolution
Kurdish nationalism: Objectives
Kurdish nationalism: The record
Kurdish nationalism: The problem of leadership

Part II. ...And the Soviet union
IV. Mainsprings of Soviet Kurdish Policy: background factors / 226
The Tsarist heritage
The Kurds of the Soviet Union
Soviet Kurdology
Kurdistan in Soviet strategic thought
Soviet Policy alternatives in Kurdistan
The profile of Soviet Policy

V. The Soviet Union faces the Kurdish problem: the evolution of an official Policy / 289
A period of adjustmient, 1917-1521
Quiet interlude: the Soviet Union and the inter-war revolts
Watershed of Soviet Kurdish Policy, 1939-1947
The Soviet retreat from a "Policy of force"
Kassem and After: Soviet Kurdish Policy in a Minor Key

VI. Sovıet clandestine operations among the Kurds / 433
Mullahs and Dervishes
Emigrés, refugees and students
The role of other socialist states

VII. Communism and the Kurds / 522
Kurdish politics and communist dogma
Kurdish society and communism
Regional communist parties and the Kurdish question
Kurdish communists

Conclusion / 599
Appendices / 608
Bibliography / 639

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