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The Passion and Death of Rahman the Kurd

Auteur : Carol Prunhuber Multimedia
Éditeur : iUniverse Date & Lieu : 2009, Bloomington
Préface : Jonathan C. Randal MultimediaPages : 357
Traduction : Carol Prunhuber Multimedia | Ellen Porter ISBN : 978-1440-178-16-0
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 150x230 mm
Thème : Politique

Table des Matières Introduction Identité PDF
The Passion and Death of Rahman the Kurd

The Passion and Death of Rahman the Kurd: Dreaming Kurdistan

"Against the backdrop of the revolution that overthrew the Shah and through the shadowy back streets of the Cold War, Carol Prunhuber's Passion andDeath ofRahman the Kurd resurrects the doomed trajectory of assassinated Kurdish leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou. "A portrait against the grain: not a peshmerga with his bandolier, but a nationalist intellectual in a well-tailored suit turned movable target far from the Kurdish mountains. A Third World aristocrat who will quickly veer off the Marxist road from revolution to democracy.

"Professor of economics, bon vivant, and clandestine freedom fighter, Ghassemlou is tracked by the henchmen of the Shah only to be assassinated by the hit men of Ayatollah Khomeini's Islamic Republic. Prunhuber guides us, through an opaque world of ambiguous friendships, uncertain complicities, treachery, and open threats, from Tehran to Prague, from Paris to Vienna.

"This portrait is a political whodunit, a truer-than-life reenactment of a destiny, and a journey into a trap a trap implacably closing, until his execution in an anonymous apartment in Vienna in 1989.

"A page of history, too: abundant notes allow the reader to navigate with ease through the subtle maze of reheated hatreds and deceitful alliances that give the account all its authenticity."

Jean-Marc Illouz
senior foreign correspondent, France2 TV, News, Paris

Table des Matières


Acknowledgments / xiii
Preface / xix
Introduction / xxv
Photos will be found between pages / 190-201
Part One: The Crime / 1
I. Meeting in Vienna / 3
II.  A Tired Man / 9
III.  The Intermediary / 15
IV.  The Murderers / 17

Part Two: God's Revolution / 31
I. Mofsed F'il Arz / 33
II. Shah Raft! Shah Raft! / 39
III.  Kurdistan or Kabrestan! / 49
IV.  Mahabad, Nationalist City / 57
V. Peasants and Aghas / 67
VI.  The Three-Month War / 75

Part Three: Orphans of the Universe / 87
I. Kurdistan at War / 89
II. The French Connection / 99
III.  Iranian Offensive / 103
IV.  Journey to the Mountains / 109
V. Politics and Religion / 129

Part Four: Rahman the Kurd / 139
I. Sons of Simko / 141
II. The Forging of a Leader / 163

Part Five: The Investigation / 199
I. After the Crime / 201
II. Stunned / 205
III. Ben Bella Accuses / 209
IV. Two Police Reports / 213
V. Winter in Vienna / 217
VI. The Assassins / 231
VII. The Conversation / 237
VIII. Creaking on the Floor / 251
IX. Cobra II / 259 
X. An Unfinished Story / 271
XI. Simko / 281
Appendices / 285
Appendix 1: Testimony from Abolhassan Bani Sadr / 285
Appendix 2: Chronology of Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou / 288
Appendix 3: Historical Events / 295
Appendix 4: Dramatis Personae / 303

Glossary: Abbreviations and Foreign Words / 311
Notes / 315
Sources and Bibliography / 351

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