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Uncomfortable luggage

Auteur : Zaher Mahmud
Éditeur : Boekscout Date & Lieu : 2010, Amsterdam
Préface : Pages : 200
Traduction : ISBN : 978-94-6089-441-1
Langue : AllemandFormat : 125x200 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Mah. Unc. N°2083Thème : Général

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Uncomfortable luggage

Uncomfortable luggage

Zaher Mahmud

Publisher Boekscout

Zaher Mahmud is an ordinary school boy, living in the provincial capital town Sulaimania in Iraqi Kurdistan until, at the age of eleven his leg is hit by a bullet. His life derails. In-between odd jobs he is frequently on the run. At a very early age, he joins the Kurdish guerrilla. When he is eighteen, he is hit by a phosphor bomb. Only because he is admitted into a London hospital Zaher survives his severe burns. In 1976 he ends up in the Netherlands as a refugee. Will Zaher Mahmud be able to pick up his life again or will the ideas and spectres from his youth continue to hunt him?

Zaher Mahmud
was born in Kurdish Iraq (1956 Sulaimania). He has been living as a refugee in Amsterdam, the Netherlands since1976. His life as a an eleven year old outcast, a Kurdish guerrilla, and a war casualty scarred by a phosphor bomb has often been noted down by others mostly for political purposes. With this book Mahmud himself takes control. He describes his life stripped of any political frills. Hard and shocking, sometimes interrupted by moments of hope, ideals and humanity.



Zaher Mahmud

Uncomfortable luggage


Publisher Boekscout
Uncomfortable luggage
Pawn on the international political chessboard
Zaher Mahmud

First print © 2010 Zaher Mahmud

ISBN: 978-94-6089-441-1

Publisher Soest

Translated from Dutch by J.H.P Bottenheft

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