The Kurdish Digital Library (BNK)

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The Digital Library consists of writings about the Kurds and Kurdistan. Its aim is to make the Kurdish cultural heritage available as digital data.

It is designed as a collection of cultural and encyclopaedic assets of that heritage, and its digital form makes available to the reader data that can be consulted by any kind of public.

A wide chronological area can cover the bulk of the fields: Science and the history of Science, economy, law, politics, philosophy, literature and accounts by travellers’, history and ethnology. The readers, be they just curious or serious students and research workers, will be able to find there, in the editions of the period, rare reference documents and texts, hitherto nearly inaccessible.

The site can be accessed through indexed bibliographies. Thus the Digital Library also provides the possibility of finding the complete texts from the contents’ tables of books and periodicals. The chronology by subject will give an overall view of this Digital Library and provide the reader with another means of access to the collections. A general presentation of the collection, including the hypertext links, will add another means of navigation, particularly for non-specialists.

The collection of digitalised texts is mainly chosen from texts now in the public domain. They form an encyclopaedic library of human and social science consisting of original documents, of critical editions, of reference works and some series of periodicals important for research or not easily accessible.

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