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Personalities: Baghdad and Kadhamain

Éditeur : Government Press Date & Lieu : 1920, Baghdad
Préface : Pages : 94
Traduction : ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 190x310 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. En.Thème : Histoire

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Personalities: Baghdad and Kadhamain


Personalities: Baghdad and Kadhamain

Abbas Ibn Mir 'Abdul Baqi.
Shi'ah merchant of Baghdad. Trades with Persia, his father lives at Kirmanshah.

Abbas Al Khalisi,
Shi'ah of Kadhimain. Brother of Manhi al Khalisi q.v. and shares the anti-British sentiments of the family. A small 'Alim. Left with lis brother to join rebel tribes in the summer of 1920.

'Abbud Ibn Hammudi Al Shahab.
Engaged in nationalist propaganda in 1920. Keen supporter of Yusuf Suwaidi and party. Ex-Turkish Lieutenant.

'Abbud Jannabi Ibn Haji Zaidan.
A brushwood contractor of Ras al Quraiyah, Baghdad. A young man of little education, of the Jannabiyin tribe; of loose character, a useful tool of the Nationalist party in 1920, chiefly for purposes of intimidating the weak mindel. Deported to Henjam, August, 1920.

'Abd 'Ali Ibn Mansur Pasha Al Qutaifi.
Shi'ah of Kadhimain. Aged 35. His father was Mutasarrif of Qatif. 'Abd 'Ali is one of the lesser 'alims. After the occupation there were a series of asti-British meetings held in his house. The Police got wind of them and tried to arrest him, but he took refuge in the house of Mirza Muhammad Taqi, then at Kadhimain. The C. C., on the intercession of the latter, pardoned him and allowed him to remain in Kadhimain. With Muhammad al Khalisi and 'Abdul Ghani Chalabi ibn 'Ali he was probably at the bottom of the propaganda which resulted in a madhbatah in favour of Arab independence in January, 1919. The madhbatah was signed in his house though he himself was away at Najaf at the time. He is not very influential, though he holds advanced political views. Said to be pro-Turk. His father, Mansur Pasha, was a member of the Haiyat Muslihah (Conciliatory Party) sent to Najaf after the troubles of April-May, 1916...

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