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A History of the Turkish Revolution and Turkısh Republic

Auteur : A. Afetinan
Éditeur : Pars Matbaası Date & Lieu : 1981, Ankara
Préface : Necati Özkaner Pages : 212
Traduction : Ahmet E. Uysal ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 160x235 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Ang. Ina. His. 1484Thème : Général

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A History of the Turkish Revolution and Turkısh Republic

A History of the Turkish Revolution and Turkısh Republic

A. Afetinan

Pars Matbaası

The Republic of Turkey, which was founded in 1923, has now realized its fifty-eighth year. This constitutes only a brief period in the history of the Turkish nation, which appeared on the scene of history over two thousand years ago. The Turks have been founders of many states in many different parts of the world. The Ottoman Empire, one of the greatest empires ever founded in history, was the last great Turkish State, but it was consumed in the flames of the First World War. Out of its ashes emerged the new Turkish State, which has been flourishing for the last fifty-eight years. The creation of the modern Republic of Turkey was a long and hard struggle for the Turkish nation at a very desperate period of her history. Numerous books and articles have been written on this period of Turkish history, which was so remarkable and full of world—shaking events, in spite of the abundance of publications on this subject both in this country and abroad, there are still some gaps in our knowledge about what really happened in our country during the last sixty years.

Foreign scholars find recent ...

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