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The Arab Shovel Driver Anfal Who Buried Victims

Auteur : Arif Qurbany
Éditeur : Karo press Date & Lieu : 2018, Košice - Slovaquie
Préface : Pages : 84
Traduction : Abdulkarim Uzeri ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 140x210 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Qur. Ara. (1) N° 5393Thème : Général

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The Arab Shovel Driver Anfal Who Buried Victims


The Arab Shovel Driver Anfal Who Buried Victims

Arif Qurbany

Karo press

The witness is Abdulhasen Murad, an Arab born in the south of Iraq. Murad had worked for a long time with Iraqi security forces as a shovel driver. Murad's job was covering the victims with sand no matter whether they were alive or dead.
Within the Arabization plan of the Kurdish city of Kirkuk, Abdulhasen has got a house in Kirkuk. He was provided with false papers to prove that he was a descent inhabitant of Kirkuk.
The shovel driver claimed that he felt guilty of cooperating with The Ba'ath gang killing and burying masses of innocent people especially a one month old baby who was buried alive.
I took the opportunity to meet him in Kurdistan and to record this interview and to publish this little but valuable book on this interview.

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