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Turkey in Europe - Breaking the vicious circle

Auteur : Albert Rohan
Éditeur : Commission Indépendante Date & Lieu : 2009, İstanbul
Préface : Pages : 28
Traduction : ISBN : 978-605-5659-06
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 347x240 mm
Thème : Politique

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Turkey in Europe - Breaking the vicious circle

Turkey in Europe - Breaking the vicious circle -

Second report of the Independent Commission on Turkey
September 2009

Is Turkey’s EU accession process grinding to a halt? Did open opposition to Turkish membership by some European leaders cause the slow-down of Turkey’s reform process in recent years, or was it the Ankara government’s lack of resolve? Is there a danger of “creeping Islamisation” in Turkish society? What are the chances for solving the Kurdish question, the Cyprus problem and the differences with Armenia? Can Turkey’s important new geo-political role in the region be an asset for the European Union? These and other questions are answered in this report of the Independent Commission on Turkey.

The Independent Commission was established by prominent European politicians for the purpose of analysing some of the most pressing aspects of Turkey’s accession to the EU. Its first report Turkey in Europe: More than a Promise? was issued in September 2004.

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