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The Kurdistan Region: Invest in the Future

Éditeur : KRG Date & Lieu : 2007, Washington
Préface : Pages : 143
Traduction : ISBN : 1-905435-59-2
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 230x297 mm
Thème : Économie

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The Kurdistan Region: Invest in the Future


The Kurdistan Region :
Invest in the Future

We believe that Iraq can be a free, democratic, federal, secular, and pluralistic country if sufficient efforts are dedicated to this goal. With our clear and comprehensive vision for the future, the Kurdistan Region can be an example to the rest of the country in achieving peace, stability, democracy and economic development.

To focus on development, we have created a unity government in our region, in which all political parties are included, and through which every person in the region is represented.

The Kurdistan Regional Government is determined to operate as the servant of the people in a transparent and accountable way, while upholding the principles of human rights and civil liberties. The Kurdistan National
Assembly (KNA), our regional parliament, makes the law, which the courts uphold, and our ministries manage most aspects of political decision-making.

There is a great deal to do – our people have suffered from genocide, and our region endured decades of neglect. After years of isolation, we are embracing foreign interaction and encouraging foreign direct investment.

To facilitate external engagement, the KNA passed our Investment Law in July 2006. This is a comprehensive and investor-friendly law, offering generous incentives to outside investors, including the right of full property ownership, tax and customs duty exemptions, repatriation and partnerships.

We believe that the private sector is the true engine of sustainable economic growth and that this law will encourage the growth of this vital part of our economy by strengthening the legal guarantees covering foreign investment.

In August 2007, the KNA passed the Kurdistan Region Oil & Gas Law. Under the Iraq Constitution, regions have the right to manage their own previously untapped oil and gas reserves. We are implementing our rights, but will share the oil revenue with the rest of Iraq, to benefit not only the people of our region, but also the rest of the country. This law ensures that our people will be served by the most reputable international oil and gas companies.

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