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The History Of Timur - Bec - I

Auteur : Cherefeddin Ali
Éditeur : J. Darby Date & Lieu : 1723, London
Préface : Cherefeddin Ali Pages : 542
Traduction : Petis de la Croix ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 125x190 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. En.Thème : Histoire

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The History Of Timur - Bec - I

The History Of Timur - Bec

Cherefeddin Ali

J. Darby

The History of Genghizcan the Great, first Emperor of the antient Moguls and Tartars; in four Books Containing his Life, Advancement and Conquests with a short History of his Successors to the present Time: the Manners, Customs and Laws of the antient Moguls and Tartars; and the Geography of the vast Countries . of Mogolistan, Tmquestan, Capscbac Yugurestan, and the Eastern and western Tartary. Collected from several Oriental Authors, and European Travellers; whose Names, with an Abridgment of their Lives, are added to this Book. By the late M. Petis de la Croix Senior, Secretary and Interpreter to; the .King in the Turkish and Arabick Languages. And now faithfully translated into English.

Table des Matières

Contents of the first volume

Book I.
Chap. I. Of Sultan Cazan, grand Can of Zagatai; his defeat and death. Mir Cazagan, a Turkish prince, takes upon him the government of the empire, and establishes a grand Can. The war of Mir Cazagan against Malek Hussein, prince of Herat / 1
Chap. 2. Of the government of the Mirza Abdalla, the son of Cazagan; and of the difference which happen d between the princes of Zagatai / 14
Chap. 3. Togluc Timur Can, king of the Get es, marches into Transoxiana. The flight of Hadgi Berlas / 18
Chap. 4. The rife of Mir Hussein, grandson of Mir Cazagan: he is assisted by Timur-Bec / 19
Chap. 5. Several intrigues between Timur and Hadgi Berlas; as also between the other princes / 22
Chap 6. The king of the Getes returns to Transoxiana with a great army. The death of Hadgi Berlas. The Can confirms Timur in the possession of his country of Kech and of a Toman of ten thousand men / 28
Chap. 7. Timur-Bec marches in search of Emir Hussein / 31
Chap. 8. Several warlike exploits of Timur and Hussein / 37
Chap. 9 The rencounter of the army of Getey and its defeat, caus'd by the policy of Ttmur-Bec; with the reduction of the city of Kech / 44
Chap. 10. The death of Togluc Timur Can, king of the Getes; and the defeat of his army by the princes Timur-Bec and Hussein / 47

Chap. 11. The assembly of the princes convert d by Timur and the Emir Hussein in which they elevated Cabulchah Aglen to the dignity of grand Can / 52
Chap. 12. The battel of Lai, or of the sloughs / 55
Chap. 13. The Retreat of Timur-Bec and Hussein. Samarcand besieg'd by the Getes / 61
Chap. 14. Departure of the princes for Samarcand, and the dissension which happen'd between 'em / 66
Chap. 15. Timur-Bec brings an army into the field against Emir Hussein / 72
Chap. 16. Several exploits of Timur, and intrigues of the princes. The march of Timur to Carschi / 77
Chap. 17. Mir Hussein brings an army into the field to oppose Timur / 86
Chap. 18. The siege and taking of Bocara by the army of Hussein. Timur defeats the army of the Coronas / 85
Chap. 19. Timur sends an ambassador to Malek Hussein at Herat / 92
Chap. 20. Timur defeats the army of the Emir Hussein in Transoxiana / 94

Chap. 21. The Emir Hussein sends an army against Timur, which is defeated / 101
Chap. 22. The Emir Hussein again seeks to make peace with Timur / 105
Chap. 23. The Emir Hussein brings an army into the field font Bedakchan / 108
Chap. 24. Timur marches at the head of an army to repulse the Getes / 111
Chap. 25. Timur returns from Bedakchan / 115
Chap. 26. A second rupture between Timur and Hussein / 117

Book II
Chap. 1. The establishment of Timur on the  throne of the empire of Zagatai / 130
Chap. 2. Timur returns from the city of Bale to Samarcand: the building of the castle and fortress of that metropolis / 132
Chap. 3. The Couroultai, that is, the diet or assembly of the states, conven'd by Timur's orders / 136
Chap. 4. Timur marches to Cheburgan at the head of an army / 138
Chap. 5. Timur fends an army to Bale and Termed / 140
Chap. 6. Timur sends the Emir Yakou to besiege Cheburgan / 141
Chap. 7. Timur marches an army into the country of the Getes / 142
Chap. 8. A second expedition of Timur against the Getes / 144
Chap. 9. The embassy from Timur to Hussein Sofi, king of Car extern / 147
Chap, 10. Timur departs from Samarcand, to make war on the king of Carezem / 149

Chap. 11. Timur makes peace with Ysouph Sofi, who succeeded Hussein; and demands in marriage the princess Canzade for the prince Gehanghir his eldest son / 155
Chap. 12. Timur marches a second time into the kingdom of Carezem / 157
Chap. 13. The famous embassy from Timur to the king of Carezem, to demand the princess Canzade / 158
Chap. 14 Timur marches a third time into the country of the Getes / 163
Chap. 15 Timur's marriage with the princess Dilchadaga, daughter of Camareddin king of the Getes. Timur is in danger of losing his life by a conspiracy which he narrowly escap'd / 166
Chap. 16. Timur marches a third time to Carezem, and returns on the revolt of Sar Bouga and Adelchah / 168
Chap. 17. Timur s fourth expedition to the kingdom of the Getes / 171
Chap. 18. The death of Mirza Gehanghir, Timur's eldest son / 174
Chap. 19. Timur's fifth expedition against the Getes / 176
Chap. 20 Timur's fifth expedition to the country of the Getes against Camareddin. Tocatmich Agleny descended from Touschi, son of Genghiz, Can, arrives at court, and puts himself under the protection of Timur / 178

Chap. 21. Timur gives Tocatmich Aglen the principalitys of Otrar and Sabran; and assists him in making himself master of the empire of Capchac which, he claim'd as his right; tho Ourous Can, descended from Genghiz Can, was in possession of it / 180
Chap. 22. Preparations for war. Timur brings an army into the field against Ourous Can, emperor of Qipchac and grand Russia / 183
Chap. 23. Timur's irruption into the country of Ourous Can: Tocatmich Aglen plac'd on the throne of Capchac, otherwise call'd the empire of Touchi Can / 185
Chap. 24. The birth of prince Charoc, son and heir to the emperor Timur / 187
Chap. 25. Timur fends Tocatmich Can to attack Timur Melic Can, emperor of Capchac / 189
Chap. 26. Embassy from the emperor Timur to Joseph Sofi king of Garezem / 191
Chap. 27. Timur's fourth war in Carezem: dehth of Joseph Sofi: conquest of that kingdom / 194
Chap. 28. Foundation of the walls of Kech, the country of Timur: the building of the palace of Acserai / 199
Chap. 29. The Emir Hadgi Seyfeddin sent ambassador to Heraty to Malek Cayaseddin Pir Ali, king of Corassana / 200
Chap. 30. Mirza Miran Chah, son of Timur, marches into Corassana, to make war on Malek Cayaseddin Pir Ali, prince of Herat / 202

Chap. 31. Timur's army marches to make war in Persia, and the rest of the empire of Iran / 204
Chap. 32. Reduction of Fouchendge, a town of Corassana / 207
Chap. 33. Reduction of Herat, capital of Corassana / 209
Chap-34. The army marches to Tons and Kelat / 213
Chap. 35. Timur returns to Samarcand / 215
Chap. 36. Death of Akia Beghi, daughter of Timur, and wife of the Emir Beghi, son of the Emir Moussa / 216
Chap. 37. Timur s second expedition into the kingdom of Iran or Persia / 219
Chap. 38. Reduction of the town of Terchiz, in Corassana / 225
Chap. 39. The arrival of an ambassador from Far s, or the true Persia, at the court of Timur / 227
Chap. 40. Timur marches into the province if Mazendran / 229

Chap. 41. Timur marches to Samarcand. Death of the empress Dilchadaga, arid of the princess Cotluc Turcan Aga, Timur's sister / 231
Chap. 42. Timur sends a sixth army into the country of the Getes / 235
Chap. 43. Timur marches to Mazendran, and thence to Sistan / 236
Chap. 44. Town of Sistan besieg'd and taken / 239
Chap. 45. Timur marches to Bost / 245
Chap. 46. War against the Ouganians, inhabitants of the mountains, south of Candahar / 247
Chap. 47. Timur returns to Samarcand / 250
Chap. 48. Timur marches into the province of Mazendran / 251
Chap. 49. Timur marches into the province of Irac Agemi / 256
Chap. 50. The emperor "Ttmur marches to Sultania / 257

Chap. 51. Timur returns to Samarcand, the capital of his empire / 259
Chap. 52 Timur enters the kingdom of Iran, where he stays three years successively / 161
Chap. 53. Timur marches to Azerbijana, or the country of the antient Medes / 263
Chap. 54. Timur enters Georgia at the head of his army. The description of the Persian way of hunting; as also of the Gerke and Nerke / 267
Chap. 55. Timur returns to Carabagh / 269
Chap. 56. The march of Timur to Berda. The motion of the army of Capchac. Defeat of the troops of Tocatmich Can / 275
Chap. 57. The arrival of the empress Serai Mulc Canum, and the princes her sons / 277
Chap. 58. Timur's army marches against Cara Mehemed, prince of the Turcomans / 278
Chap. 59. Timur marches to Van and Vastan. The letter which Cha Chuja king of Persia wrote to Timur at his death / 282
Chap. 60. Timur marches again into the countrys of Fars and Irac Agemi / 289
Chap. 61. Timur marches to Chiraz the capital of Fars or the true Persia / 294
Chap. 62. Reasons which induced Timur to return to the capital of his empire / 297
Chap. 63. Timur returns to Samarcand, and gives the government of Fars and Irac to the family of Muzaffer / 301
Chap. 64. The emperor orders a process against some Emirs, whom he had left in Transoxiana / 303

Book III.
Chap. 1. Timur-Bec departs for his fifth expedition into the kingdom of Car extern / 305
Chap. 2. Some accidents during TimurV .expedition into Car extern / 308
Chap. 3. Timur departs to make war in Capchac, and is victorious over Tocatmich Can / 317
Chap. 4. Timur fends the Mirza Miran Chah into Corassana / 323
Chap. 5. Timur's expedition into Mogolistan against Kezer Coja Aglen, and the prime' Ancatoura ; which made the fifth campain in that country / 325
Chap. 6. Timur holds a diet, and fends' his armiys into all the quarters of the Moguls, to fight the Getes / 331
Chap. 7. Timur returns to the feat of his empire / 338
Chap. 8. The Couroultai, or diet, held by Timur's order / 342
Chap. 9. Timur fends his troops into the country of the Get es / 344
Chap. 10. Timur marches into the desart of Capchac / 347

Chap. 11. Timur reviews his troops / 356
Chap. 12. Timur fends the Mirza Mehemet Sultan at the head of the scouts / 359
Chap. 13. Battel between the scouts of the two armys. Death of the Emir Aicoutmur, and other, famous men / 367
Chap. 14. The army rang d in order of battel in an extraordinary manner. A terrible fight which ensud thereupon / 371
Chap. 15. Timur returns from the desart of Capchac to the feat of his empire / 382
Chap. 16. The government of Zabulestan given to Mirza Pir Mehemed, son of Gehanghir / 384
Chap. 17. Timur departs for a war of five years continuance / 386
Chap. 18. Timur departs from Jouidez after his recovery / 388
Chap. 19. "the taking of Amoly Sari, and Mahanasar / 390
Chap. 20. Timur sends a letter to Samarcand / 396

Chap. 21. Timur makes war a second time on the kingdoms of Fars and Irac / 399
Chap. 22. T'imur marches to the kingdoms of Lorestan and Courestan / 402
Chap. 23. An account of the motions of the princes of Pars, or of Persia and Iracy on which the present affairs depend / 406
Chap. 24. Timur marches to Chirac against Chah Mansour / 411
Chap, 25. Battel between Timur and Chah Mansour. The death of the latter / 416
Chap. 26. Timur seizes the princes of the house of Muzaffer and disposes of their effects among his lieutenants / 421
Chap. 27. Timur marches to the kingdom of Irac Agemiy or Hircania / 424
Chap. 28. Timur invests the Mirza Miran Chah in the kingdom of Hulacou Can / 425
Chap. 29. Timur vanquishes the Turcoman Hac han Sarec / 427
Chap. 30. Timur marches to Bagdad / 431

Chap. 31. Return of Mirza Mehemet Sultan afther the defeat of the Gourdes robbers / 438
Chap. 32. Timur sends an ambassador to the Sultan Barcoc in Egypt / 439
Chap. 35. The taking of the town of Tecrit / 441
Chap. 36. Timur continues his journy and sands his princes and Emirs to make inroads in several kingdoms / 448
Chap. 35. Timur marches to Diarbekir / 459
Chap. 36. Timur marches to Edessa. 452
Chap. 37. Death of Mirza Omar Cheik, Timur son / 455
Chap. 38. Timur marches to Gezire / 460
Chap. 39. Timur's second enterprise upon Merdin / 461
Chap, 40. Birth of the Mirza Oluc Bei / 465

Chap.41. Timur marches to Amed or Hamed capital of the country of Diarbekir / 464 Chap. 42. Timur returns to Alatac / 467
Chap. 43. Timur sends bodys of soldiers into several countrys to enlarge his conquests / 468
Chap. 44. The taking of the town and fortress of Avenic / 471
Chap. 45. Timur's return after the taking of Avenic / 477
Chap. 46. Timur sends an army into Georgia / 479
Chap. 47. The birth of Ibrahim Sultan, son of Charoc / 480
Chap. 48. Soleman rejoicings for the birth of Ibrahim Sultan, son of Charoc / 482
Chap. 49. Timur constitutes the Mirza Charoc governor of Samarcand / 484
Chap. 50 Timur goes in person to the Georgian war / 485

Chap. 51. Timur marches a second time into Capchac against Tocatmich Can / 487
Chap. 52. Timur reviews his army / 490
Chap. 53. Battel between Timur and Tocatmich Can / 493
Chap. 54. Timur goes in pursuit of Tocatmich Can, and instals a new Can of Capchac / 498
Chap. 55. Timur marches, into Europe; and pillages the western Capchac, as also, Muscovy and Russia / 501
Chap. 56. Timur makes war in Circassia / 505
Chap. 57. Timur makes to Alburz, Couhy or mount Caucasus / 506
Chap 58. Timur attach the fortresses of Coula Taous and others / 507
Chap. 59. Timur marches to Sensem / 511
Chap. 60. Timur marches into Capchac and pillages the town of Hadgi Tercan or Astracan / 513

Chap. 61. Timur returns to Capchac / 515
Chap. 62. Timur gives the government of Azerbijana to the Mirza Mirancha, who besieges Alengic / 519
Chap. 63. Taking of tie town of Seirjan; and tht retreat of Behloul to Nehavend / 520
Chap. 64. Timur sends the Mirza Mehemet Sultan to conquer the kingdom of Ormus. The reduction of Yezd / 524
Chap. 65. Timur returns to the feat of his empire / 525
Chap. 66. The building of the palace of Baghi Chemal / 530
Chap. 67. Timur gives the principality of Corassana to the Mirza Charoc / 531
Chap. 68. Timur stays some time at Kech. Return of the Mirza Mehemet Sultan from the campain of Fars / 534
Chap. 69. Timur demands in marriage for himself the daughter of Keser Coja Aglen. He celebrates the nuptials of the Mirza Eskender with the princess Beghist Sultan / 537
Chap. 70. Timur gives prefers for making the garden of Dilencha, and building a stately palace in it / 538

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