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The History of Timur - Bec - II

Auteur : Cherefeddin Ali
Éditeur : J. Darby Date & Lieu : 1723, London
Préface : Pages : 424
Traduction : Petis de la Croix ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 125x190 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. En.Thème : Histoire

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The History of Timur - Bec - II

The History Of Timur - Bec - II

Cherefeddin Ali

J. Darby

Timur had given to his grandson prince Pir Mehemed, son of Gehanghir, the provinces of Condoz, Bacalan, Cabul, Gaznin, and Candahar, with their dependencys, as far as the frontiers of India, as we said before; and this Mirza being establilh'd in these principalitys, endeavored to render 'em flourishing by his justice and goodness.

He receiv'd orders from court to assemble the troops of ail' the provinces, and to depart at their head for other; conquests, and to make himself master of many towns and countrys in India. He accordingly set out with a great army commanded by good generals, the most valiant Emirs of his country.


Table des Matières

The contents of the second volume

Book IV.
Chap. 1. The cause of Timur's, war in India / 4
Chap. 2. Timur brings his army in to the field, to make war against the Guebres in India / 7
Chap 3. Timur marches against the inhabitants of, Ketuer. He defeats the Siahpouches, who ,were cloth'd in black / 8
Chap. 4. Timur fends Mehemed Azad to gain intelligence of Mirza Roustem and Burhan Aglen. His return to Ketuer / 13
Chap. 5. Timur fends, Mirza Cham to Herat / 17
Chap. 6. The arrival of ambassadors from several places. Taizi Aglen, returns, from the country of the Calmncs and Cheik Noureddin from that of Fars / 18
Chap. 7. The repairing the fortress of hjab, and the destroying of the Ouganis rcbbers / 23
Chap. 8. Timur marches to Chenouzan and Nagaz; and destroys the robbers of the nation of the Persians / 25
Chap. 9. Timur passes the river Indus / 28
Chap. 10. Chehabeddin Mobarec Chah Ternini commits hostilitys against the emperor after his submission / 29

Chap. 11. Timur's arrival at Toulonba / 32
Chap. 12. Timur marches in search of Nufret Coukeri / 34
Chap. 13 Arrival of prince Pir Mehemed Gehanghir from Moultan / 35
Chap. 14. The taking the town of Bend, and the fortress of Batnir; the inhabitants of which places are put to the swords / 39
Chap. 15. Timur departs from Batnir, for Seresti, Fatabad and Ahrouni / 45
Cliftp. 16. Timur marches against a nation of rebellius Getes / 46
Chap. 17. A review of the whole ay my marching in order of battel / 48
Chap. 18. Timur marches to the east side of the town of Louni. Massacre of hundred thousand Indian staves who were in his camp / 52
Chap. 19. Timur gives battel to Sultan Mahmoud, emperor of India / 55
Chap. 20. Flight of Sultan Mahmoud, and his general Mellou Can, prince of Moultan. Reduction of Deli capital of India / 61

Chap. 21. Timur departs from Deli; and pursues his conquests in the remoter parts of Iudia, near the Ganges / 68
Chap. 22. Conquest of Myrthe. The Guebres are flea'd alive / 69
Chap. 23. Several battels upon the great river Ganges, against the militia of the Guebres / 72
Chap. 24. Timur's three Gazies, or expeditions against the Guebres / 74
Chap. 25. Timur exterminates the Guebres assembles in the famous defile of Coupele. Description of a marble statue of a cow ador'd by the Indians / 78
Chap. 26. Tttnufs resolution to return to the feat of his empire / 81
Chap. 27 Timur's irruption on the mountain Soualec / 82
Chap. 28. Several combats in the woods near Soualec / 83
Chap. 29. Timur's Gazies and expeditions in the province of Tchamou / 87
Chap. 30. Relation of what passed at Ldhor3 with regard to, Chicai Couker, prince of that city / 91

Chap. 31. Description of the little kingdom of Cachmiry or Kichmir / 95
Chap. 32. Timur returns to the feat of his empire / 97
Chap. 33. Timur crosses the Oxus, and is met by the princes and princesses of the blood / 102
Chap. 34. Building of the great mosque of Samarcand / 105

Book V.

Chap. 1. The causes which obliged Timur to make way in the country of Iran, that is, in the western parts of Asia, from the river Gihon to the Mediterranean sea / 108
Chap. 2. Timur's departure for a campain of seven years / 113
Chap. 3, The transactions of the Emir Solyman Chah / 117
Chap. 4. The arrival of good news from federal parts / 120
Chap. 5. Timur marches into Georgia, and to the defile of Comcha / 126
Chap 6. Timur s return from the defile of Comcha / 128
Chap 7 Continuation of the history of the Mirza Roustem, who was gone from Dgiam to Chiraz A great crime committed by his eldest brothery the Mirza Pir Mehemed / 130
Chap. 8. A diet in relation to the affair of Georgia / 136
Chap. 9. Timur marches against prince J}ani Bee, a Georgian / 139
Chap. 10. The taking of the fort of Zerit, and the town of Suanit / 141

Chap. 11. Timur marches against the Georgian prince Aivani / 143
Chap. 12. Timur returns from Georgia / 144
Chap. 13. Reasons which oblig'd Timur to march against the city of Sebastey capital of Anatolia / 145
Chap. 14. Timur's letter to the Caifer Roum, that is, the Ottoman emperor / 147
Chap. 15. Timur marches to Sebaste, and takes that city / 151
Chap. 16. Timur marches to Abulestan / 155
Chap. 17- The reasons of Timur s carrying his arms into Syria and Mesopotamia / 157
Chap. 18. Timur marches into the kingdoms of Syria and Egypt / 160
Chap. 19. The taking of the castles of Behesna and Antapa / 162
Chap. 20. The siege and taking the city of Aleppo / 165

Chap. 21. The castle of Aleppo attacked and taken / 173
Chap. 22. The taking of the towns and castles of Emessa and Hama / 177
Chap. 23. Conquest of the town of Balbec / 180
Chap. 24. Tirmr marches to Damafcus, capital of Syria / 181
Chap. 25. Timur gives battel to the Sultan of Egypt, and gains the victory / 187
Chap. 26. Taking of the city of Damascus / 189
Chap. 27. Taking of the castle of Damascus / 194
Chap. 28. Timur returns out of Syria / 202
Chap. 29. Timur crosses the Euphrates, and hunts in Mesopotamia / 205
Chap. 30. Timur marches to the town of Merdin. 206

Chap. 31. Timur fends troops into Georgia, and to Bagdad / 208
Chap. 32. Timur besieges and takes Bagdad / 211
Chap. 33. Timur's return from Bagdad, and march towards Tauris / 217
Chap. 34. Timur fends the Mirza Charoc to Arzendgian / 219
Chap. 35- Arrival of the second empress Touman Aga, and the young princes, from Samarcand / 221
Chap. 36. Timur marches into Georgia, and to Carabagh Arran / 222
Chap. 37. Timur passes the winter at Carabagh. Arrival of the Mirza Mehemet Sultan from Samarcand / 224
Chap. 38. Timur sends troops to make inroads in divers places / 226
Chap. 39. The caases ' which obligd Timur to return to make war on Bajazet the Ottoman emperor / 230
Chap. 40. Timur digs the river of Berlas / 234

Chap. 41. Timur departs from Carabagh for the plains of Chemkour / 235
Chap. 42. Taking of the castle of Tartoum / 238
Chap. 43. Taking of the castle of Kernac. Arrival of ambassadors from Bajazet / 240
Chap, 44. Timur reviews his army. 243 Chap. 45. Taking 'of the castle of Harouc. ,245 Chap. 46. Timur marches to Casarea in Cappadocia, and to Ancora / 246
Chap. 47. Timur ranges his army in order of battel, to sight Bajazet / 250
Chap. 48. Timur gives Bajazet battel, and gains the victory / 252
Chap. 49. The taking of the Ottoman emperor, who is brought in chains before the throne of the conqueror / 255
Chap. 50. Timur orders troops to make inroads in divers parts of the Ottoman empire. He sends relations of his victory to the citys of Iran and Touran, with orders to make public rejoicings / 158

Chap. 51. The continuation of the history of the Mirza Mehemed Sultan, who had been sent to Prusa in Bithynia / 261
Chap. 52. Account of the Mirza Sultan Husseiny and the Emir Solyman Chah, who were gone out to make inroads / 265
Chap. 53. Timur departs from Kioutahia / 266
Chap. 54. Timur dispatches couriers into divers countrys. The arrival of several ambassadors / 268
Chap. 55. Timur regulates the winter-quarters / 271
Chap. 56. Timur besieges Smyrna, and takes it / 275
Chap. 57. Second arrival of ambassadors from Bajazet's sons / 278
Chap. 58. Timur departs from Smyrna / 280
Chap. 59. Taking of the towns of Egridur and Nasibine / 283
Chap. 60. The death of the Ottoman emperor Bajazet, and of the Mirza Mehemed Sultan, Timur's grandson / 285

Chap. 61. Mourning for the death of the Mirza Mehemed Sultan: and the translation of his coffin / 288
Chap. 62. Arrival of ambassadors from Egypt / 289
Chap. 63. Timur marches against the Caratatars, or black Tartars / 291
Chap. 64. Timur returns forom Natolia / 294
Chap. 65. The manner in which the death of the Mirza Mehemed Sultan, son of Gehanghiry was made known to Canzade bis mother / 296

The contents book VI.
Chap. I. Timur marches into Georgia / 299
Chap. 2. The government of Chiraz a second time given to the Mirza Pir Mehemed, son of Omar Cheik; and that of Ispahan to his brother the Mirza Roustem / 301
Chap. 3. Timur sends the Mirza Aboubecre to rebuild the city of Bagdad, and gives him the government of Irac-Arabi and Diarbekir / 302
Chap. 4. Timur's arrival at the frontiers of Georgia / 306
Chap. 5. The taking of the famous castle of Cortene in Georgia / 308
Chap. 6. Relation of what pass'd without during this siege / 313
Chap. 7. Timur marches to Abkhaze / 314
Chap. 8. Timur returns from Abkhaze. The cause as his return / 316
Chap. 9. Timur orders the town of Bailacan to be rebuilt / 319
Chap. 10. Timur fends intendants and doctors into all the provinces of his empire, to examine the affairs of particular persons, and to distribute his justice and favors among the people / 321

Chap. 11. Continuation of the history of the princes who were gone into Irac-Arabi. 325
Chap. 12. Arrival of the Mirza Omar from Samarcand. Continuation of what happen during the building of Bailacan / 327
Chap. 13. Timur passes the winter at Carabagh-Arran. Relation of what happen'd there / 329
Chap. 14. The emperor sends the Mirza Charoc to Ghilan / 332
Chap. 15. Arrival of some princes from Merdin and Vast an. A famous funeral banquet made for the late Mirza Mehemed Sultan / 334
Chap. 16. Timur's return from a campain of seven years / 336
Chap. 17. Timur invests the Mirza Omar in the empire of Hulacou Can / 337
Chap. 18. Continuation of the history of the Mirza Roustem and the Emir Solyman Chah, who were sent towards Rei / 338
Chip. 19. Timur sends the Mirza Eskender and the Emir Chamelic before the rest rowards Rei / 340
Chap. 20. The taking of the citadel of Firouzcouh / 342

Chap. 21. Timur marches to Tchelao / 345
Chap. 22. Battel between the Mirza Sultan Hussein and Eskehder Cheiki. The flight of the latter / 348
Chap. 23. Timur rtturns to the seat of his empire / 351
Chap. 24. Timur's entry into his imperial city of Samarcand / 355
Chap. 25. Timur holds a general diet. A great feast for the marriage of the princes at Canigbul / 358
Chap. 26. The causes which incited Timur to undertake the conquest of the kingdom of China / 363
Chap. 27. Timur sets out for the war against the infidels of China / 372
Chap. 28. An account of certain adventures, the knowledg of which is necessary to the understanding the latter part of this history. A relation of what pass'd at Acsoulat / 375
Chap. 29. Timur departs from Acsoulat / 378
Chap. 3 o. Timur's death at Otrar / 381

Chap. 31. Relation of what happen'd after Timur's death / 387
Chap. 32. Timur's coffin transported from Otrar / 389
Chap. 33. The empresses and Emirs hold a council concerning the war of China / 391
Chap. 34. Timur's coffin is transported to Samarcand / 395
Chap. 35. The Mirza Sultan Hussein, Timur's grandson, opposes the sentiment of the Emirs / 396
Chap. 36. The Emirs Write circular letters to give advice to all the provinces of the Mirza Sultan Hussein's Undertaking / 397
Chap. 37. A letter to the great Emirs who were at Tachkunt / 399
Chap. 38. The Emir Berendac arrives at the empresses court y with an answer to the letter sent the  Emir, who were at Tachkunt with the Mirza Calil Sultan / 401
Chap. 39. Relation of The what happen'd on the Emir Berendac's return to Tachkunt / 405
Chap. 40. The great Emir's oppose the Mirza Calil Sultan / 407

Chap. 41. The Emirs hold a council with the empresses, in relation to their marching to Bocara / 409
Chap. 42. The Mirza's and Emirs march to Bocara / 411
Chap. 43. The empresses march to Samarcand. Their mourning, after the two Mirzas departure / 412
Chap. 44. Account of what pass'd among the Mirzas and Emirs who were gone to Bocara / 413
Chap. 45. The Mirzas and Emirs at Bocara receive advice of the Mirza Calil Sultans arrival at Samarcand and of the obedience paid him by the Emirs of that city / 415
Chap. 48. Coronation of the Mirza Calil Sultan at Samarcand / 417
Chap. 49 Abridgment of the history of the reign of the Mirza Calil Sultan: and the cause of his num / 419
Chap. 48. Conclusion of the history of Timur-Bec, wherein the qualitys by which that conqueror surpass'd all the kings who preceded him, are set down. The names of his children who survived him / 424

The end of the contents


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