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A Glance at Two Years of War

Auteur :
Éditeur : AIDEI Date & Lieu : 1982, Paris
Préface : Pages : 176
Traduction : ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 140x210 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Poi. Gla. N° 3207Thème : Politique

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A Glance at Two Years of War

A Glance at Two Years of War



In the imposed war, which the Iraqi regime started against Islamic Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran is proving its independence from the east and west despite all the internal and external plots.
The war was financed and engineered by the U.S., and all other leftist and rightist enemies of the Islamic Revolution, indicating the noel trend of resistance that the Islamic Revolution had set, and tne severe threat that it posed to the predatory interests of the world imperialism. Islamic Iran aims at mobilizing the masses to rise against the despotic powers and their mercenaries. This opposition is proceeding in a way that it has united a mixed bag of multifarious people with conflicting views, be they the bloated leeches of the Persian Gulf, and the usurpers of the House of Allah in Mecca, the true standard bearers of the world of capitalism, or the false defenders of communism and toilers and workers, or nationalists, proud of being U.S. lackeys under the guise of nationalism, and devotees of the Shah and the monarchy. The threat against their nations is so frightening that they are all fighting against the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Unfortunately, some leaders of the liberation movements of the region who have spent their years travelling to world’s capitals, hoping to win their freedom through haggling with ...

Table des Matières


Introduction / 3

Chapter I
The Bounties of War / 9

Chapter II
Review of the Two-Year War / 23
Preliminaries of the Assault / 24
Aggression, Pause and Stabilisation / 27
Classic Warfare / 38
Limited Unconventional Operations, the Beginning of Small Advances / 40
Non Classic Extensive Operations / 23
Samin Ul-Aemeh Operations, the End of One-Year-Old Abadan Siege / 52
Tariq Ul Qods Operations - The Karbala Plan / 55
Fath Ul-Mobin Operations - Karbala (2) Plan / 61
The Battle of Beit Ul Moqaddas Karbala Plan / 70
Conclusion / 83

Chapter III
Global Dimensions of the Imposed War / 86
Iraq and the Imposed War / 87
The United States and the Imposed War / 105
Soviets and the Iraqi Imposed War / 117
Zionist Regime and the Imposed War / 128
The Non-Aligned Countries and the Imposed If War / 131
France and the Imposed War / 136
The U.N. and the Imposed War / 142
The Islamic Conference and the Imposed War / 145
Reactionary Regimes in the Region and the Imposed War / 148
The Steadfastness Front and the Imposed War / 154

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