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The History of Timur - Bec - II

Auteur : Cherefeddin Ali
Éditeur : J. Darby Date & Lieu : 1723, London
Préface : Pages : 424
Traduction : Petis de la Croix ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 125x190 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. En.Thème : Histoire

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The History of Timur - Bec - II

The History Of Timur - Bec - II

Cherefeddin Ali

J. Darby

Timur had given to his grandson prince Pir Mehemed, son of Gehanghir, the provinces of Condoz, Bacalan, Cabul, Gaznin, and Candahar, with their dependencys, as far as the frontiers of India, as we said before; and this Mirza being establilh'd in these principalitys, endeavored to render 'em flourishing by his justice and goodness.

He receiv'd orders from court to assemble the troops of ail' the provinces, and to depart at their head for other; conquests, and to make himself master of many towns and countrys in India. He accordingly set out with a great army commanded by good generals, the most valiant Emirs of his country.



Cherefeddin Ali

The History of Timur - Bec

J. Darby

J. Darby
The History of Timur - Bec
Cherefeddin Ali

The History of Timur-Bec
Known by the Name of
Tamerlain the Great,
Emperor of the
Moguls and Tartars:

An historical Journal of his Conquests in
Asia and Europe

Written in Persian by Cherefeddin Ali,
Native of Yezd, his Contemporary

Translated into French by the late Monsieur
Petis de la Croix, Arabick Professor in the
Royal College, and Secretary and Interpreter
to the King in the Oriental Languages

With historical Notes and Maps
Now faithfully rendered into English

Vol. II

London: Printed for J. Darby in Bartholomew-Close,
E. Bell in Cornhill, W. Taylor in Pater-noster-row,
W. and J. Innys at the West: End of St. Pad's Churchyard,
J. Osborne in Lombard-streets and T. Payne in

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