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The Proliferation of Chemical Warfare

Weşan : People for a Just Peace Tarîx & Cîh : 1989, Washington
Pêşgotin : Rûpel : 22
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Ziman : ÎngilîzîEbad : 225x225 mm
Mijar : Siyaset

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The Proliferation of Chemical Warfare

The Proliferation of Chemical Warfare

The early morning hours of Friday, March 18, 1988, witnessed an episode of human suffering in modern times which will not be easily eradicated from the conscience of future generations. In a shocking series of news reports, the television screens and newspapers around the world brought home to a spellbound audience horrifying details of a chemical weapons attack on a civilian population which resulted in thousands of deaths and lasting injury The images were inescapably reminiscent of the ghastly afflictions of Hiroshima, Nazi gas chambers, and similar chemical attacks during the First World War 'Halabja' is a name which will surely resound for years to come with the human torment that it has come to represent. The collective conscience of mankind will have to work vigorously in order to elevate itself from the moral degradation which nearly seven years of continual deployment of these banned weapons have perpetrated. More importantly, a serious international effort must be made to ensure that such tribulations will never plague our world again.


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