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Kurdistan Times, n° IV

Éditeur : Compte d'auteur Date & Lieu : 1996, Fairfax
Préface : Pages : 230
Traduction : ISBN : 1057-8668
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 150x230 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Kar. Kur. N° 4003Thème : Politique

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Kurdistan Times, n° IV

Kurdistan Times, n° IV

Mustafa Al Karadaghi

Compte d'auteur

On March 3, 1994, the Turkish Parliament, known as the Grand National Assembly (GANT), voted to deny parliamentary immunity to eight of its members who are ethnic Kurds. The names of the deputies are: Hatip Dicle, Leyla Zana, Ahmet Turk, Sirri Sakik, Orhan Dogan, Mahmut Alinak, Selim Sadak, and Hassan Mezarci.

The eight deputies protested their denial of parliamentary immunity as a violation of the Turkish Constitution. They barricaded themselves in the Parliament building to avoid arrest. The Turkish police were called and surrounded the Parliament building, guarding all exits. On March 5, 1994, all eight deputies surrendered and were arrested. They were imprisoned in the government’s detention center pending trial by the State Security Court.

“Following the arrest of the MP’s in a scene of chaos, two of the deputies appeared before a regular court. Charges were dismissed...


Mustafa Al Karadaghi

Kurdistan Times, n° IV

Compte d'auteur

Compte d'auteur
The Kurdish Nation has the
Inalienable Right of Self-Determination
The Kurdish Star The Guiding Star
Kurdistan Times
A Biannual Political Journal No. 4
Mustafa Al Karadaghi

November 1995

Kurds are the knights of the east.
Armenian Proverb

Saladin, the famous Kurdish leader who defeated
the crusaders in Palestine was known for his nobility
and chivalry in his treatment of his Christian adversaries.

Mustafa Al Karadaghi, Editor & Publisher

Number 4
(ISSN 1057-8668)

Copyright 1995 by The Kurdistan Times
Published biannually by Mustafa Al Karadaghi,
Director of Kurdish Human Rights Watch.

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Ideas expressed in the articles do not necessarily represent
the point of view of the editor and publisher.

Cover Photo:
Six Kurds, members of the Turkish Parliament who were sent
to prison for expressing their opinion about the Kurdish question.
They believe that the Kurdish question in Turkey cannot be solved
by military means, but rather by democratic dialogue that recognizes
the national aspiration of all the people in the Turkish state.

Board of Editors
Mustafa A1 Karadaghi - Editor
Zeynel-Abiden Kaya - Associate Editor
Omar Sheikhmous - Associate Editor
Margreta Hanson - Associate Editor
Walter Landry, Ph. D. - Associate Editor
Professor Youna Sabar - Associate Editor


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