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Essays on the origins of Kurdish nationalism

Éditeur : Mazda Date & Lieu : 2003, California
Préface : Robert Olson Pages : 234
Traduction : ISBN : 1-56859-142-X
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 150x225 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Ang. 2849Thème : Politique

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Essays on the origins of Kurdish nationalism

Essays on the origins of Kurdish nationalism

Of the major nationalist movements which have shaped the modern Middle East, Kurdish nationalism alone has failed to establish a national state. Alongside the Palestinians and until recently the Armenians, the Kurds have remained a stateless nation. But while there exists an extensive literature on the genesis and development of other Middle Eastern nationalisms—Turkish, Arab and in particular Palestinian—historical and theoretical debate on the origins and structure of Kurdish nationalism has been notably scanty.

This collection initiates, such a debate, investigating the origins of Kurdish nationalism from a range of historical and theoretical perspectives, and exploring its implications for the present. Its aim is to analyze arguments about the origins of Kurdish nationalism not only as competing historical accounts, but also, and more crucially, as strategic debates about the identity and legitimacy of the Kurdish nation.

Table des Matières


Preface / vii
Acknowledgements / ix
Notes on contributors / xi
Note on transliterations / xiii

Introduction: nationalism and the question of origins / 1
Abbas Vali

Some remarks on Kurdish historiographical discourse in Turkey (1919-1980) / 14
Hamit Bozarsalan

Ehmedî Xanî's Mem û Zîn and its role in the emergence of Kurdish national awareness/40
Martin van Bruinessen

Genealogies of the Kurds: constructions of nation and national identity in Kurdish historical writing / 58
Abbas Vali

The making of Kurdish identity: pre-20th century historical and literary discourses / 106
Amir Hassanpour

Kurdish nationalism in Turkey: from tacit contract to rebellion (1919-1925) / 163
Hamit Bozarslan

Kurds and Kurdish nationalism in mandatory Syria: politics, culture and identity / 191
Nelida Fuccaro

Index / 219

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