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M. Kemal Ataturk, UNESCO & Destruction of Kurdish identity in Turkey

Éditeur : Kurdologia publications Date & Lieu : 1988-01-01, London
Préface : Pages : 42
Traduction : Jawad Mella ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 145x210 mm
Code FIKP : Br. Ang. 1849Thème : Politique

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M. Kemal Ataturk, UNESCO & Destruction of Kurdish identity in Turkey

M. Kemal Ataturk, Unesco & Destruction of Kurdish identity in Turkey

Kurdologia publications

I. The partitioning of Kurdistan

The application of the 'divide & rule' principle to Kurdistan and Ataturk

In March 1933, Ataturk spoke as follows: "...Look at the sun which will rise from the east. Today just as I see the rising of the sun on the horizon, so do I see in the distance the awakening of all nations in the East. There are many fraternal nations yet to achieve their freedom and independence. Their rebirth will favor progress and prosperity. Notwithstanding all the obstacles, all the difficulties, these nations will triumph and reach the independence which awaits them. Imperialism and colonialism will forever disappear from the surface of the earth and in their place an age of cooperation and harmony irrespective of color, creed and race will reign."

Going by these statements, it is easy to conclude that Ataturk was against imperialism and colonialism. Ataturk stressed that all oppressed, captive, colonized nations of the East, of the world would achieve their independence. He emphasized that he wholeheartedly supported the liberation movements of those nations. It was claimed that "Imperialism would disappear, the discrimination based on color, creed and race would vanish."

These views are not sufficient for properly understanding and assessing Ataturk. There is more to Ataturk than these views. There are also his doings. The nature of his deeds, too, needs to be understood and evaluated. Hence, it's important to understand and explain his deeds, as...

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