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Kurdistan, number IV

Auteur :
Éditeur : Compte d'auteur Date & Lieu : 1959, London
Préface : Pages : 34
Traduction : ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 185x250 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. En.Thème : Politique

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Kurdistan, number IV


Kurdistan, number IV


Compte d'auteur

Political events in Iraq have been moving at a breath-taking speed. The last Cabinet reshuffle, in six Right Wing Ministers were relieved of their posts and replaced by more national democratic elements, coupled with restoration and extension of the democratic liberties consolidated the position of the Republican Government, led by Premier Kassem, and brought about the gradual isolation of the extreme Right and the disintegration of their mass organisation the Baath which had become the centre of attraction for the remnants of the former reactionary regime including many feudal elements, turning in fact into the main downright counter-revolutionary and fascist grouping.
Deprived of popular support the Baathist switchedo ver to ...

Table des Matières


Editorial / 1

The Achievements of the Iraqi Republican Government Mr. Abboud Al-Baldawi, Acting Cultural Attache, Iraqi Embassy London / 3
The Iraqi Revolution and The Kurdish Question Salah M. Saadalla / 4
The Kurds in Turkey Jalal Beytoshi / 8
Turkey Reminded of Pledges Letter to Mr. Menderes / 10
The Kurds of Iran T. F. Aristova, Translated from the Russian by A. N . Al-Saadi / 11
About the Kurds of U.S.S.R. M. Basil Nikitine commenting on 'Reya Teze' / 15
Gorky Institute, U.S.S.R. and Kurd Epic Songs / 15
Newroz Celebrations (in Baghdad, Berlin, Vienna and London) / 16
Activities of the Kurdish Students' Society in Europe, (United. Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and Germany) / 19
A Press Statement by K.S.S.E. and President Nasser's Comment / 20
14 th July in Prison Poem by Goran / 22
Book Review Kurdistan in the Way to Freedom: World News and Socialist Digest, Reviews of Kurdistan: Divided Nation of the Middle East, Professor Minorsky's Paper on 'Banu Annaz' / 22
Kurdistan and the Press / 25
Other Items : Conference of Iraqi Students in Germany, An Education Authority for Kurdistan, Greetings from Soviet Students, Two Communications to Premier Kassem, Kurdish Refugees' Return, etc. / 28
Correspondence: Mr. Fenner Brockway, m.p., Mr. C. J. Edmonds, M. Basil Nikitine, Colonel Pierre Rondot, Mr. Frank Stoakes / 31
German Section: Newroz and Kurdistan - Kamal Fuad / 32

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